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Posts in October 2012

The Online Revolution: Ecommerce Goes Mobile

In the second quarter of 2012, the revenue generated from ecommerce topped 54 billion dollars—the highest it’s ever been. And that number is only continuing to grow.   It wasn’t so long ago that ecommerce itself was the shopping revolution. But times are changing quickly, and today more and more people are upgrading from shopping on a computer to shopping on the go with one of the many mobile devices that are now so prevalent in our society.   The appeal of ecommerce arises largely from the time and energy it saves you. Rather than having to make your way...Read more...

Integrating All of Your Marketing Media

So your company has been using the same marketing strategies for years. And now all of a sudden social media has entered the picture, and it seems to be all the rage. The question you might be asking now is, how are you supposed to strike a balance between the old and the new?   If you’re not using any social media at all right now, that’s probably the place to start. In fact, only 60% of companies are using social media, and of that, only 12% feel they are using it correctly. If your company falls into one of...Read more...

Use Influence to Increase Your Internet Traffic

You have a website because you want people to visit it. You want your content to be interesting and engaging enough to get visitors to come there, stay there, buy there, and revisit there.   There are many ways to boost customers’ interest in your website and its content. One very effective way, however, is to partner with somebody who is influential in your industry. When this is carried out, it will ideally not only boost your reputation within that industry but also increase your own level of influence in the eyes of your potential customers. There are a few...Read more...

QR Codes in Your Marketing – How to Get Started

We are focusing a lot lately on mobile marketing.   1 in 2 American adults owns a smartphone so we’d be crazy not to gear our blogs toward getting your small business mobile-friendly. Mobile marketing is an essential component in any marketing campaign. There are many ways to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and mobile marketing but the way we are going to focus on today is the trendy QR code or quick-response codes. QR codes are the trademark for a type of martrix barcode that offers fast readability and increased storage capacity. The two-dimensional black-and-white code can store...Read more...

Does Twitter Really Work for Small Businesses?

Have you delved into the world of Twitter yet? One-third of small businesses are using Twitter to promote their products or services. While you may think it is better to focus your time on Facebook and getting it right rather than trying to wrap your arms around another social media site, this one may be worth your while.   When done correctly, Twitter can be a significant tool to promote and grow your business. Why? Twitter allows you to engage your customers and potential customers in a personal way. It puts a face with your brand and gives your followers...Read more...

Using LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

With 175 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is leaving no doubt that it is the online place to be these days for those who are trying to get ahead in the business world. Those 175 million people include 1.7 million business directors, as well as an incredible 13 million entrepreneurs.   Intrigued?   If you’re not already on LinkedIn, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s time to get started. But where to begin? Well, it’s going to take some effort to make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIn account, but with some guidance you shouldn’t have too...Read more...

Social Media Tips for Your Business

I think we’ve got the point across—you and your business need to be active when it comes to social media. Whether that means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, or all of the above, if you want your business to grow you are going to need to make yourself known online.   As you and your business get started with social media, here are some general tips for getting the most out of it.   What are your goals?   This is an important thing to determine at the onset of your social media venture. Before you throw yourself into it,...Read more...

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Internet Marketing

At this point, I think we’ve done a pretty good job of getting the point across that the future—or, indeed, the present—of the business world is online. And we’ve given you a great deal of specific examples of how to use that fact to you advantage. But let’s move away from those specific examples for a moment and talk a little bit more broadly about just what your focus should be as you navigate this cyber business world.   Create content that people want to read   It might seem obvious, but simply making yourself a presence on the Internet...Read more...

What's Reddit?

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook, Twitter, and even dabbled in Instagram and Pinterest a bit.   You may be thinking that you have enough on your social media plate, and you just might, but I want you to consider another site, Reddit.   Have you heard of it? Used it?   Small businesses don’t have the benefit of a large marketing budget as compared to larger companies, so it’s important to think outside of the box and seek other opportunities for quality promotions. Reddit is one of those hidden treasures to add to your list. Reddit, self titled “the...Read more...

Does Your Small Business Need a Social Media Policy?

Chances are good that, if you are reading this post and checking out this marketing section of our blog, you are using, or interested in using, social media in your marketing efforts. 77 percent of small businesses include social media in their overall marketing plans and nearly half of those companies don’t have a social media policy. Should yours? Here’s my short answer … Absolutely! No matter the size of your organization, if you and your team are involved in any social media at all, you should have guidelines in the form of an official policy.   Why? You are...Read more...

The Perks of Social Media For Your Business

Everyone knows the world today revolves around social media. So it seems an obvious step to bring your business into the social media sphere if you’re hoping to attract more customers and increase your revenue.   But if you’re still on the fence about the whole social media thing (how helpful can it really be?), here are just a few clear, concise benefits:   Create a community   Inserting yourself into the world of social media means that you are creating a platform around which all of your customers, followers, enthusiasts, etc. can gather. This brings together a group of...Read more...

Must See Online Marketing Statistics

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve said it, but the Internet—and, let’s be honest, the world—is growing increasingly mobile every moment. Mobile devices like iPhones allow people to stay on top of pretty much everything in their lives pretty much all of the time. We live in a world of constant push notifications, a world where we are all hoping for something to check or looking for something to update at pretty much any time of day.   And as we’ve said before, it would be foolish for you company not to take advantage of this mobile revolution. But...Read more...

Would a Mobile App Benefit Your Business?

We live in an increasingly mobile time. Everywhere you look, everyone around you is glued to his or her phone—a smart phone, more often than not—and can’t seem to take interest in anything else.   Between 2010 and 2011, the worldwide app revenue increased by 200%, which indicates a pretty inviting market. Forecasts indicate that the number could reach 19 billion by the end of 2012, and US mobile revenue could reach 31 billion by 2016.   What does this mean for you? It means this is a perfect opportunity for your business to start thinking about new opportunities to...Read more...

Instagram Inspiration

With more than 7.3 million daily mobile users — now more than Twitter! — Instagram is on the rise!   And, now more than ever, businesses are getting involved in this photo sharing site to promote and further their brand. Earlier this year we gave you some tips to get started, and how you can boost awareness of your brand a la Starbucks and Ford Motor Company. Well, now its time to show you what other brands are doing and how they are succeeding in growing their business and connecting with their customers, with this hot tool.   Red Bull...Read more...

Why Traditional Public Relations Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

We talk a lot about social media and emerging marketing trends but it’s important to remember that there are core marketing elements that businesses should retain.   One of these is the notion of traditional public relations. Traditional public relations is often the most overlooked component of small business marketing plans. With the surge in social media and social networking, many businesses have ignored tradition and gone straight to Twitter and Facebook for promotion. While the landscape has definitely changed, the traditional rules of public relations should not be ignored. Problems arise when companies rely solely on social media for...Read more...

Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

With Facebook about to hit the one billion users mark, it’s safe to say it services quite a large number of people. For that reason, it is a great resource for businesses hoping to boost awareness of their products and services, increase customers, and raise revenues.   Here are some interesting numbers that demonstrate just what Facebook can do for your business:   42% of marketers describe Facebook as being an important part of their marketing strategy—and the number has increased by 75% in the last three years.   62% of marketers say that Facebook has become a more important...Read more...

The Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Create an Ecommerce Website

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how your business can get the most out of it. Sales are always high this time of year, but you can be sure to absolutely maximize your profits if you turn to the Internet for help.   Some numbers   During last year’s holiday season, ecommerce sales reached above 35 billion dollars, which was a 15% increase from the year before.   In the week ending on Christmas day alone, retailers earned more than 2.8 billion dollars from ecommerce spending, which was a 16% increase from the...Read more...

How to Measure the Success of a New Ecommerce Venture

Trying out ecommerce for the first time? Unsure how to tell just how well things are going? Here are a few ways to measure your progress in the early stages of creation of an ecommerce website.   Percentage of new visits   If you are just starting your site, the biggest measure of success is the number of people it is drawing in for the first time. This is hugely important. You want to make sure that your business is attracting new customers to come and look at your site, explore the products and services you offer, and, hopefully, start...Read more...

Turning Facebook Likes Into Customers

We’ve discussed how to build Facebook “likes” on your brand Page, but what do you do with those “likes” once you get them? You know your business should have a social media presence but do you really know why?   The value of your business Facebook presence isn’t just a good way to interact and share information with your fans, it’s a great tool for lead generation. Generating those new leads is the real ROI for doing it. How can you make this happen? Here are some of the best ways to turn your “likes” into leads.   1. Get...Read more...

10 Mobile Apps to Consider Using to Help Grow Your Small Business

We did a post a while back about the prevalence of apps and whether or not your business needs one.   Even if you decided it wasn’t the time to create your own app, changes are pretty good that you use other apps on a daily basis to access information. In fact, each person downloads approximately 60 apps per mobile device — a rate that continues to increase exponentially. And, mobile devices will likely outnumber humans by the end of this year, so that will lead to even more app usage. So, what does this mean for you, and your...Read more...

Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Our blogs up until now have focused pretty heavily on cloud computing and all that it can do for your business. The takeaway, in a nutshell, is that cloud computing allows you to harness the powers of the Internet to save you money and time and to make your work—and life—generally smoother and easier to handle.   But the power of the Internet doesn’t stop there. There are all sorts of other ways that you can use the Internet to your advantage that we haven’t touched on at all. In today’s society, so fully immersed in the online world, opportunity...Read more...

Taking your Business Mobile

Running a business is hard, but there are now more ways than ever to make it easier. There is new technology popping up every day, and there’s no reason not take advantage of it as you work to make your business successful.   One of the ways to make doing business easier than ever is to start looking more seriously towards mobile applications for help. The world of technology is nearly overflowing with mobile apps, and there are some out there that could be incredibly useful to you and your business in some very important ways.   Customer relationships  ...Read more...

Expanding your Business through Ecommerce

Sometimes small businesses don’t really think of going big. If you have a small, local, reliable customer base, does it make sense to try and go bigger?   When going bigger means going online, the answer is yes. Businesses big and small have been finding success in the world of ecommerce, a world that allows them to expand their market to a wider and more diverse demographic.   What kinds of businesses does ecommerce benefit?   Of course ecommerce is a great choice if your business revolves around some sort of product. Giving customers the chance to purchase your products...Read more...



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