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How to Measure the Success of a New Ecommerce Venture

Trying out ecommerce for the first time? Unsure how to tell just how well things are going? Here are a few ways to measure your progress in the early stages of creation of an ecommerce website.

Percentage of new visits

If you are just starting your site, the biggest measure of success is the number of people it is drawing in for the first time. This is hugely important. You want to make sure that your business is attracting new customers to come and look at your site, explore the products and services you offer, and, hopefully, start making some purchases.
Continuing to attract new customers is your best chance of really getting the online business up and running. And if you are doing well in this department, it’s still a good idea to track it—seeing your continuing success and growth will give you the confidence you need to keep working and improving your business.

Pages per visit and length of visit

These numbers will let you know how good a job your site is doing of keeping customers interested and engaged once they’ve actually gotten there. A large number of people arriving at your page from a Google search, say, but then leaving almost instantaneously, is not going to do you very much good. If that were the case, you would know some more work needed to be done to the site itself to make sure it is engaging its viewers.

Landing and exit pages

It is important to pay attention to which pages on your site are the ones most frequently drawing people in, and which pages are most frequently turning people away. This will give you insight into what is and is not appealing to your current and prospective customers.
The landing pages will tell you what kinds of interests and web searches are bringing people to your site, which might give you some ideas of how best to target your advertising campaigns, among other things.
The pages on which people most commonly exit your site can let you know which pages are least interesting to your customers, or which ones, perhaps, are causing some degree of difficulty or frustration.

In-page analytics

By tracking people’s activity on specific pages—what they are clicking on most frequently, etc.—you can find out what is interesting to customers, what is attracting attention, and what is simply not working.
This is one of the best ways to figure out what changes you can make to your site to make it more user-friendly.

Let the Internet help you

The Internet can and should be an incredible resource for expanding your business and boosting your revenue, and exploring the world of ecommerce is a great way to get started in that direction. By following these simple guidelines to keep track of what customers are and are not responding positively to on your site, you can make sure that it is doing the absolute best that it can for you and your business.
To grow your business with the Internet contact Realware today and ask about our services.

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