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Instagram Inspiration

With more than 7.3 million daily mobile users — now more than Twitter! — Instagram is on the rise!
And, now more than ever, businesses are getting involved in this photo sharing site to promote and further their brand. Earlier this year we gave you some tips to get started, and how you can boost awareness of your brand a la Starbucks and Ford Motor Company. Well, now its time to show you what other brands are doing and how they are succeeding in growing their business and connecting with their customers, with this hot tool.

Red Bull @redbull

Red Bull takes Instragram to new heights, literally. With topics like #FlyingFriday and “daily awesome photos,” they really know how to appeal to their target demographic of adrenaline junkies. Take this important lesson away from them, know your audience and cater to them. Also, don’t just feed your followers your images, but share your followers’ great photos too. It goes a long way in making your brand credible and “real.”

General Electric, yes GE! @generalelectric

GE takes followers into the inner workings of their products, facilities, people, and company on their feed. They feature the groundbreaking research and technology they’ve been developing since the days of Edison, and love to highlight their employees and their candid photos too. With 139,161 followers, GE uses Instagram to personalize their company and connect with their audience.

My Haute Closet @MyHauteCloset

My Haute Closet started on Instagram. Founded by blogger, Milysan Troch, My Haute Closet takes consignment into the modern era. Milysan began by posting images of her personal style, and then began selling her gently used couture clothing. Her fan base increased exponentially, now up to almost 40,000 followers, leading her to create a full business website to manage the demand.

ThreadLess @threadless

Threadless is a community-based company that prints the designs created and chosen by their fans and followers. Their Instagram photos are colorful and community-focused, just like their products and mission. They seek inspiration and participation from their 216,000 followers. Now that’s a lot of followers!

Stumptown Coffee, @stumptowncoffee

I went in search of another coffee brand because, frankly, Starbucks gets enough promotion. I stumbled upon Stumptown Coffee through … drumroll please, Instagram. Their vivid, real, approachable images drew me in and I immediately started following them, and now I’m a customer. How’s that for an Instagram testimonial? Founded in 1999 in Portland, they are now in several other locations, including Manhattan, and have a great online shop.
After you check out these brands on Instagram, take a look at your industry. Who’s on? Who’s not? Don’t wait for your competition to get started. Get some inspiration from the brands that have gone before you and take the lead, and develop a strategic plan on what you want to get from Instagram. As with any other form of social media, it works if you work it. So go work it!
Are you on Instagram? How are you using it to market your brand?
To grow your business with the Internet contact Realware today and ask about our services.

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