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QR Codes in Your Marketing – How to Get Started

We are focusing a lot lately on mobile marketing.
1 in 2 American adults owns a smartphone so we’d be crazy not to gear our blogs toward getting your small business mobile-friendly. Mobile marketing is an essential component in any marketing campaign. There are many ways to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and mobile marketing but the way we are going to focus on today is the trendy QR code or quick-response codes. QR codes are the trademark for a type of martrix barcode that offers fast readability and increased storage capacity. The two-dimensional black-and-white code can store data such as contact information, URLs, email addresses, and more. They provide a direct link from offline to online, from print to mobile. QR codes can be found on a multitude of products including soda cans, race bibs, signage, and more.
Now that we’ve covered the “what,” let’s tackle the “how.”

Getting Started

1. Determine the Medium. Think about where you will be using your QR code. Are you including it on product packaging, a postcard, signage, or promo item? Make sure the medium makes sense to have a QR code. For example, putting a QR code on the side of a vehicle is probably not the best use. Placement is key for success. The easier it is to scan, the more likely someone will.
2. Develop Exclusive Content. Your QR code must provide users with a unique experience or it is a worthless endeavor. While a QR code may seem to have value to you, your users must be aware of its value before they will take the time to scan. Have your QR code link to something customers cannot get elsewhere like a contest entry, coupon, discount code, early information on a new product, exclusive product demos, etc. Providing your user with value will increase engagement, responses, and eventually sales. You can further improve response rates by segmenting your targeted marketing lists and offering content suitable for each demographic.
3. Create your QR Code. QR codes are VERY easy to create. Check out sites like Kaywa and QRStuff to create your tracking codes. You can choose to track your QR code usage through those sites, or use your own tracking with Google Analytics, Webtrends, Site Catalyst, etc.
4. Pick the Location. Location and placement are everything when it comes to QR codes. Put your code in an easy-to-scan place on your medium. A poor location will deter users from scanning.
5. Test and Retest. Prior to printing or sending, check to make sure your QR code works by scanning with several different smartphone QR readers. Once you are confident that it works well, start using it. Monitor your results periodically and use your tracking information to determine what is working or what changes need to be made in your approach and with the user experience.
QR code popularity continues to grow. It is worth taking the chance to give it a shot but remember that QR codes are not for every campaign. Use them when you can truly provide a unique user experience and when you can maximize the benefit. Good luck!
How is your business using QR codes? Do you scan codes from other companies? Which ones?
Realware offers unique solutions for your online business ambitions. Contact us today and ask about our array of online business services.

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