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The Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Create an Ecommerce Website

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how your business can get the most out of it. Sales are always high this time of year, but you can be sure to absolutely maximize your profits if you turn to the Internet for help.

Some numbers

During last year’s holiday season, ecommerce sales reached above 35 billion dollars, which was a 15% increase from the year before.
In the week ending on Christmas day alone, retailers earned more than 2.8 billion dollars from ecommerce spending, which was a 16% increase from the previous year.
Clearly, then, the popularity of ecommerce as a retail option has increased rapidly in recent years, and all signs indicate that it is only continuing to grow. In fact, online sales are expected to increase by about 12% this holiday season.
Last year, the average customer did approximately 38% of their holiday shopping online. Chances are high that that number will be even higher this year. So why not make sure that your business is getting in on this incredible opportunity for sales and for profit maximization?
Christmas Day itself boasted large amounts of online sales, a great portion of which were done for mobile devices. Digital purchases accounted for 20% of all online sales on Christmas Day 2011, compared to just over 2% on any given day in the preceding weeks. This hints to a large number of people receiving mobile devices as Christmas gifts and eager to try them out.

The Internet is one of several factors in the spending frenzy that is the holiday season

Ecommerce isn’t the only way to help your company earn profit this time of year—keeping your store open for customers to come in and shop in person is, of course, also a good idea. Some companies, in fact, choose to keep their stores open twenty four hours a day for the weak leading up to Christmas—after all, there are certainly a great many people who want the ability to see a product for themselves before purchasing it as a gift for someone else.
Even if people do not want to make their purchases online, however, they often still use the Internet to find the best prices on the products making their final purchases. By putting your products online—or if nothing else, at least providing online information about your products and services—you boost your chance of accumulating an exponentially larger number of interested customers.
The fact is, ecommerce doesn’t have to serve as a replacement for the type of business you are already successfully carrying out. It can, however, be a tremendous addition to it, especially as the holiday season creeps ever closer.

Don’t miss your chance

In today’s society, the holiday season is nearly synonymous with spending money—don’t let this opportunity pass your business by. By broadening your online retail offerings, you can make sure you are at the forefront of this huge new trend in holiday spending.
There are only a couple months left until the holidays are in full swing. By putting your business in front of this rapidly expanding trend towards ecommerce, you can make it a holiday season you won’t soon forget.
To grow your business with the Internet contact Realware today and ask about our services.

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