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The Online Revolution: Ecommerce Goes Mobile

In the second quarter of 2012, the revenue generated from ecommerce topped 54 billion dollars—the highest it’s ever been. And that number is only continuing to grow.
It wasn’t so long ago that ecommerce itself was the shopping revolution. But times are changing quickly, and today more and more people are upgrading from shopping on a computer to shopping on the go with one of the many mobile devices that are now so prevalent in our society.
The appeal of ecommerce arises largely from the time and energy it saves you. Rather than having to make your way to a store, browse through all the racks or shelves, etc., now all you have to do is sit down in front of a screen and make your purchases.

Mobile devices are a game changer

Introducing mobile devices into this equation is the obvious next step because it cuts out the one bothersome step of ecommerce in its traditional form—the need to be in one place in order to shop online.
Now, with our constantly evolving mobile devices ever at our sides, we are able to incorporate commerce into our every-day lives—and we don’t even have to interrupt our schedules to do it.
And it’s not just that. These mobile devices, now so incredibly advanced, can do pretty amazing things for us. Smart phones and tablets can figure out just about anything for us in order to ensure that we have the easiest, cheapest, and overall most enjoyable shopping experience we possibly can.
With commerce now so centered on our mobile devices, it’s not entirely unlikely that brick-and-mortar stores could become somewhat superfluous, used more for product display than for any real purchasing.
Even when the purchasing itself doesn’t happen online, mobile devices are still essential in the shopping experience. Smart phones can scan bar codes and, noting your location, inform you of the closest and cheapest place to purchase that particular product.

So what does this mean for you?

Mostly, it means you need to be aware of your market. You need to understand how your customers shop, what they’re looking for, and what that means for the ways in which you should approach your marketing. Making your business and your website friendly for mobile devices is not just a good idea—at this point, it’s essential.
Your business today exists in a world that is constantly changing, filled with technology that is constantly growing more advanced—if you want your business to succeed, you’re going to need to keep up.
Right now, keeping up means being aware of the mobile revolution that is happening all around you and making sure you are adapting your services in a way that makes them convenient for customers coming at you through their various mobile devices.
These devices are doing some pretty incredible things in the world, and in the world of ecommerce especially. People everywhere are benefitting from all of the many perks of the mobile world—make sure you and your business are as well.
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