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Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

With Facebook about to hit the one billion users mark, it’s safe to say it services quite a large number of people. For that reason, it is a great resource for businesses hoping to boost awareness of their products and services, increase customers, and raise revenues.
Here are some interesting numbers that demonstrate just what Facebook can do for your business:
42% of marketers describe Facebook as being an important part of their marketing strategy—and the number has increased by 75% in the last three years.
62% of marketers say that Facebook has become a more important aspect of their work in the past six months.
80% of people who are using social networking of some sort—which, as the numbers will testify, is just about everyone these days—describe Facebook as their preferred method of connecting with businesses and brands.
If you’re serious about utilizing social media for the good of your business, don’t automate your activity—auto-posting on Facebook decreases responses (likes, comments, etc.) from users by as much as 70%.

How to get the most out of your Facebook

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a good start—but don’t stop there.
An obvious next step, but one that should nonetheless be emphasized, is to make sure that your business’s Facebook page features a clearly visible link to your actual website, where customers can start making purchases, or at least find out more information about your products and services.
In addition, make sure are updating the page regularly. You want to ensure that you are continually reminding your followers of what it is that you have to offer. On the other hand, however, don’t update your page too much—nobody wants their newsfeed inundated by messages from businesses they’ve “liked”—you might run the risk of trying their patience and, in fact, losing customers.
Try to engage your followers. Give them the chance to respond to your posts by asking questions, providing feedback, etc. The more interactive your Facebook presence is, the more interested your followers and customers will be in keeping up with what you are saying and doing on there.
Don’t stop with just a Facebook page, either. Facebook also gives you the ability to launch an ad campaign, which could give you the opportunity to draw in even more new businesses.
There is no reason, in today’s society, to have a business or organization of any kind that is not present on Facebook. Facebook is the tool by which a huge portion of the world communicates with each other; it is the place where people are spending more and more of their time. Don’t you want to be on there too, making your business known?
So if you’re not already on Facebook, get on there fast. If you are already on Facebook, make sure you’re doing all that you can to make your presence there known—and intriguing—to the customers you are trying to attract.
To grow your business with the Internet contact Realware today and ask about our services.

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