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Use Influence to Increase Your Internet Traffic

You have a website because you want people to visit it. You want your content to be interesting and engaging enough to get visitors to come there, stay there, buy there, and revisit there.
There are many ways to boost customers’ interest in your website and its content. One very effective way, however, is to partner with somebody who is influential in your industry. When this is carried out, it will ideally not only boost your reputation within that industry but also increase your own level of influence in the eyes of your potential customers. There are a few things to keep in mind when you go about trying to build a relationship with an influencer.

Come up with a great idea

This probably seems obvious, but it’s crucial. If you approach the influencer with a marketing plan that’s not well thought out, or that’s just all about you and your business, they’re probably not going to be too intrigued.
Instead, try to think a little bigger. Of course you want to demonstrate the advantages of your product or service—when it comes down to it, that’s what a marketing campaign is all about. But your company does not exist in a bubble, and your customers will be using your product or service in conjunction with all sorts of other things.
So, try and think about products and services that might be used together with yours. That’s often the best way to start thinking about where a mutually beneficial partnership might arise from.
You want to get the influencer excited about the project as well—and if the partnership is right and the idea is a good one, there is really no reason they shouldn’t be. It gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts in a new place, coming from a new angle—and it gives you the chance to increase your company’s clout in the industry and start directing more traffic to your site.

So now it’s time to find your influencer

If you’re trying this for the first time, it’s a good idea to start small. You might not be partnering up with the biggest names in the industry right away, but chances are you already know some people who might have similar interests and who might have something to offer you.
You can really never have too many partnerships, and the more people you work with, the more connections you form and the more people you will then be able to work with in the future. By starting small, you can slowly climb your way up the ladder of influence.

Be prepared

If you’re working with a new partner who you would like to work with again—or who you would like to put in a good word for you with someone else—you especially want to ensure that you are making a good impression. It was your plan in the first place, so make sure you’ve got all the details worked out in advance so that everything goes smoothly. And then, before you know it, you’ll be on your way to establishing all sorts of advantageous and influential new relationships.
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