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Using LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

With 175 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is leaving no doubt that it is the online place to be these days for those who are trying to get ahead in the business world. Those 175 million people include 1.7 million business directors, as well as an incredible 13 million entrepreneurs.
If you’re not already on LinkedIn, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s time to get started. But where to begin? Well, it’s going to take some effort to make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIn account, but with some guidance you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Deciding on your personal brand

One of the first questions to ask when it comes to LinkedIn is, what do you want your personal brand to be? What will most appeal you to the demographic you are trying to reach?
Your personal brand should showcase your greatest strengths in the business world in a genuine, authentic way. To begin, try reaching out to your customers, clients and colleagues to get a sense of how they view you, what they see your strengths to be, and what they personally find most appealing about you and your business. Chances are, when the responses come in, you are going to be seeing some common themes—these themes can help lead you in the direction of a personal brand that fits you best.

Who are you trying to reach?

When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s important to be aware of your audience. What kinds of clients are you hoping to target? What sorts of things are these target clients involved in? What are the things they most care about? What sort of work do they do? If you know the answer to that last one, you can make sure you are following the companies that are most representative of your target client base.

Make the best profile you can

What does a good LinkedIn profile consist of? There are several aspects of it that are extremely important. For one, you should make sure you have a good, professionally shot photograph or headshot to represent you on your profile. Next, come up with a headline for your profile that explains what you do, what your experience is, what your goals are, etc.
Make sure you provide all of your contact information—business phone, Twitter, Facebook page, website link, blog link, email address, and anything else you might use to communicate with your customers.
Display your previous experience—and make sure you have things to display that back up what you are claiming you can provide for your customers.
You should be constantly supplying your clients with new content—recommendations, blog posts, PDFs, videos, and anything else.
Finally, make sure to choose your top LinkedIn Groups supporting your personal brand.

The benefits of LinkedIn

The benefits abound. For one, you will have the chance to show yourself and your qualifications to possible future customers and clients. In addition, journalists and other members of the media constantly use LinkedIn to find experts for their stories, so if you provide compelling information and content on your profile, you could have the chance to gain exposure even beyond the 175 million LinkedIn users of the world.
Realware offers unique solutions for your online business ambitions. Contact us today and ask about our array of online business services.

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