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Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Our blogs up until now have focused pretty heavily on cloud computing and all that it can do for your business. The takeaway, in a nutshell, is that cloud computing allows you to harness the powers of the Internet to save you money and time and to make your work—and life—generally smoother and easier to handle.
But the power of the Internet doesn’t stop there. There are all sorts of other ways that you can use the Internet to your advantage that we haven’t touched on at all. In today’s society, so fully immersed in the online world, opportunity abounds—all you need to do is find it.

Social media marketing

One such opportunity arises from social media marketing. Most businesses have already caught on to the trend—about 90% of small businesses are now devoting some portion of their time to social media marketing, and about three quarters of those businesses find this new method just as effective, if not more so, than traditional marketing tactics.

The results

Statistics show that small businesses can see some fairly significant advantages by switching to a more social media oriented marketing strategy. Businesses can see an increase in sales by spending just six hours a week focusing on getting a foot in the door of the social media world.
These days, both individuals and businesses spend more and more of their time engaged in some form of social media. Many businesses that use social media find the main advantage to be the way it allows them to target and attract and, ultimately, win over potential new clients or customers.
In fact, a survey found that more than three fourths of small business said that they had gained 25% or more of their new customers in the past year from some form of social media.

Figuring out what works

If you are just beginning to use social media for marketing purposes for the first time, you might feel like you’ve gotten in a bit over your head. After all, there is an incredibly number of social media sites out there. The key is to figure out what exactly is right for your business. Which sites are your prospective customers most likely to be using? Facebook? LinkedIn?
Though it might all seem a little overwhelming as you get started, it is most definitely worth the effort. Today, sites like Facebook and Twitter are responsible for more than half the traffic on the websites of small businesses.

Let the Internet help you and your business

With every passing day the Internet begins to play a more and more prominent role in business, in society, in, well, pretty much the entire world as we know. It’s important that your businesses not only keeps up with the times, but also makes sure it’s utilizing this new trend to its own benefit. There are so many ways the Internet can help your business grow and succeed, whether that be through cloud computing, social media, or any number of other things.
Use the tools you have in front of you. Use the Internet to help your business boom.
To learn more about how Realware can assist your business with IT management please contact us today.

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