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What's Reddit?

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook, Twitter, and even dabbled in Instagram and Pinterest a bit.
You may be thinking that you have enough on your social media plate, and you just might, but I want you to consider another site, Reddit.
Have you heard of it? Used it?
Small businesses don’t have the benefit of a large marketing budget as compared to larger companies, so it’s important to think outside of the box and seek other opportunities for quality promotions. Reddit is one of those hidden treasures to add to your list. Reddit, self titled “the front page of the Internet,” is a social news website where registered users submit content in the form of a link or a text "self" post. Other users then vote the submission "up" or "down" to rank the post and determine its position on the site's pages and front page.
Reddit has a bulletin board-like look and feel and each topic, or sub-reddit, is a small community of like-minded, niche categories. Reddit is not the place for self-promotion! The general idea is to participate and submit quality content thus creating a group of quality customer advocates on the site. Last month, Reddit had 42,245,981 unique visitors!
So, now that you know what Reddit is, here’s how you can use it for your small business.
First things first, learn how to use it. Review the site and learn the unwritten rules – all social media sites have them. See what topics or “reddits” are the most popular. Read the FAQ section. Learn the ins and outs and set up your account. Don’t post right away.
Become a member of the community. You now know the ropes and are ready to get started. To become an active member of the Reddit community, you need to participate in conversations. Vote posts up or down. Contribute to sub-reddits in your area of expertise with quality comments and thoughts. Don’t start spamming the site with your sales pitch and web links.
Post the right way. You’re now an active participant and you are ready to promote your business. How do you do it? Again, I repeat that you should not spam your web site link or sales pitch. In order to get users to your content, you can post links to unique, quality, valuable content that is on your website, i.e. a thought-provoking blog post.
Be responsive. A good post will generate questions, positive comments, feedback, and hopefully up votes. After you post, make sure to respond to users’ questions and suggestions quickly and positively. You will gain respect among the Reddit community for prompt and valuable replies.
Better quality equals better traffic to your site! When you contribute content that is fresh, thoughtful, and well received, the Reddit community rewards you by up voting you, therefore exposing your information to more people. Those people will in turn visit your site to read the information, and you’ve increased traffic! While not everyone may be a potential customer, they may know someone that can benefit from your product or services.
Have you heard of Reddit? How have you utilized it to promote your business?
Contact Realware today and ask about services that can grow your business using the Internet.

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