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Posts in November 2012

Using Trending Topics to Beef Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

What are the hot topics in your Twitter feed or Facebook newsfeed? Right now it is likely to be something on #Election2012, #Obama, #SandyRelief, #PinterestSecretBoards, #BlackFridayDeals.   Social media buzzes with the latest news, often before the mainstream media has a chance to report. Some of those latest trending topics can definitely help boost your email marketing efforts. How? Incorporating current trending topics gives your customer base the impression that you have insight into the latest and greatest. Some trends are best to steer clear of, but, incorporating a good one can give your target market something recognizable to equate...Read more...

Is Tumblr Right for Your Business?

As a small business, there is a lot to love about a little site called Tumblr. With 20 billion page views a month – up from 15 billion at the beginning of 2012 – Tumblr.com definitely commands some attention. But, what is Tumblr really and is it a good avenue for your business? Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform that allows users to post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from virtually anywhere, to a “tumblog,” or short-form blog. It operates a lot like Facebook in that you can post, share, and reblog content – merging the best of...Read more...

Tips for Successful Marketing on a Budget

In today’s entrepreneurial society, start-ups are everywhere. Nearly every industry is full of small companies hoping to make it big—and, with what is generally a fairly limited budget, each one is trying to do more with less.   For these small companies, there are some simple steps you can follow that will use very limited resources while still helping you to produce an effective, efficient marketing strategy.   Identify your target audience   There is really no use in starting any sort of marketing plan if you don’t know whom you are trying to reach. Whatever your marketing strategy consists...Read more...

Ecommerce Companies Should Have a Good Holiday Season

The ecommerce industry seems to grow larger by the day, and now, with the holiday season nearly upon us, predictions are suggesting that it should be seeing an additional boom in growth. There are estimates of a 12% increase in online sales from the last holiday season, putting the number somewhere around $94 billion.   Here are some stats that might help display what we have to expect in the weeks to come:   - 67% of retailers believe that they will make more online sales this holiday season than they did last year. Almost 25% of retailers said that...Read more...

How to Take a Business Mobile

First there was the world of the Internet. From the Internet came the world of ecommerce. And now we are in the middle of the newest sensation—the world of mobile.   We see it all around us. Everyone everywhere is hooked to their mobile devices, to their smart phones and tablets. Fewer and fewer people are sitting down in front of computers to take care of most of their basic Internet needs. There just isn’t any point.   Here a few reasons why you should strongly consider looking more seriously into this new mobile industry.   Your customers are already...Read more...

Developing a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Shifting gears a little bit from social media, we are now going to tackle email marketing for a bit. A well organized and executed email marketing campaign can help your small business tremendously. Some of the benefits include building and fostering relationships and encouraging repeat customers and brand loyalty. Good reason to get started right? To take advantage of these benefits, and more, it is important that all of your email communication is part of an overall marketing plan that supports your brand strategy. Effective email campaigns should always correspond with both your traditional and social media marketing initiatives. So,...Read more...

Dealing with Negative Comments on Your Facebook Page

Social media is a popular topic on this blog as it has fast become one of the staples of a successful small business marketing plan. The backbone of most social media plans is Facebook as we’ve discussed several times now. Facebook is a great avenue for promoting and growing your small business and engaging and interacting with your customers. Sometimes, however, your customers may post or share some negative feedback. While it may be hard to read, and hear, it is the reality of having a social media presence. So, what do you do when you see a less-than-glowing post...Read more...

Different Ways to Attract Customers to Your Website

So you have a business. And your business has a website. And naturally you want people to look at this website. But how, exactly, are they going to find it?   The obvious answer is through web searches, and that does make up a large portion of Internet traffic. Within that, Google specifically is responsible for 85% of online searches. So focusing on making your business’s website Google friendly is certainly a good idea. In fact, some stores receive 80% of their traffic via Google.   But Google is not the only way to direct visitors to your site, and...Read more...

Building Trust Through Social Media

Everyone is using social media these days—that’s old news. But why? Why are businesses using social media? More specifically, why should businesses be using social media?   Spreading their message to a wider audience is certainly part of it. After all, people of pretty much every age and demographic are hooked in to social media in one way or another, so it allows businesses to connect with a wider range of people than they would ever be able to do otherwise.   But it’s not just about connecting. It’s not just about telling your potential future customers about all of...Read more...

Tips for getting the most out of your business’s Twitter

We’ve already told you some of the benefits of Twitter. Now obviously, if you’re going to put in the time and effort to really be serious about it, you’re certainly going to want to make sure you get the best results. Here are some ideas and guidelines to keep in mind as you go about your Tweeting.   Schedule your Tweets   By scheduling your Tweets in advance, you can save a lot time and energy and assure yourself that your time spent on Twitter is as effective and efficient as possible. Sites such as Tweetdeck or Hubspot can help...Read more...

How to Set Up a Blog The Easy Way

Earlier this year, we covered blogging basics and outlined the do’s and don’ts. Now it is time to discuss just how easy it is to get a blog started. You don’t have to have a webmaster or programmer on hand either. You can do it yourself, its cost-effective, quick, and might even be fun too. How, you ask? WordPress.com is a great start. WordPress.com is the hosted version of sister-site WordPress.org, the incredibly successful open-source blogging platform. Through WordPress.com, you can start a FREE blog in minutes without any technical knowledge. You also have the ability to purchase a dedicated...Read more...

Creating Great YouTube Content for Your Small Business

After you read our March blog on the top 10 tips for YouTube marketing, I know you got started creating your company’s YouTube channel right away. If you didn’t, take a trip down memory lane and read it again. YouTube is still one of the top social media sites and one that warrants your participation as a small business owner. Why? Video grabs attention like nothing else can! While someone may skip over text on your website, they are likely to click on a video to see what it’s all about. This opens the door to more personal communication between...Read more...



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