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Building Trust Through Social Media

Everyone is using social media these days—that’s old news. But why? Why are businesses using social media? More specifically, why should businesses be using social media?
Spreading their message to a wider audience is certainly part of it. After all, people of pretty much every age and demographic are hooked in to social media in one way or another, so it allows businesses to connect with a wider range of people than they would ever be able to do otherwise.
But it’s not just about connecting. It’s not just about telling your potential future customers about all of the great products and services you have to offer. Social media gives you a unique opportunity to establish real, personal relationships with your customers, and the best thing you can do with that is begin to build up their trust in you.

Let your audience know that you know what you’re doing

Of course you want people to buy your product. But if you’re spamming Facebook with one purchasing opportunity after another, it’s pretty safe to say people are going to start losing interest quickly. You want them to know that you have something genuine to offer.
Use social media as an opportunity to share not just your products and services but also your expertise with a wider audience. You know that you have a lot to offer them—make sure they know that too.

Be transparent

In the online world we live in today, it is pretty much impossible to hide anything from people for long. All over the Internet, companies and organizations are being talked about in both positive and negative lights. Social media provides you with the opportunity to ensure that you are the one leading the conversation about your business. Otherwise, who knows where it’s happening or what is being said. Encourage conversation; encourage questions and concerns. Make sure your customers know that you are open to discussion and willing to address head-on any problems that might arise.

And on that note, be responsive

It’s not enough to simply suggest that you are open to questions. If somebody asks you a question, or expresses a concern, chances are they are looking for an answer. Give them one. Respond to questions and comments as quickly as you can, so your customers feel like their needs are really being looked after and addressed.

Make it fun!

Of course you want your social media profiles to portray your business as trustworthy, reliable, responsible, qualified, etc. But you also want to come across as appealing in the simplest sense. Providing your customers and followers with amusing, entertaining, and engaging content—even if it is not directly related to the services your business can provide—can go a long way towards building interest and support.

Let people know you’re willing to give back

It’s never going to look bad to look socially conscious. There are plenty of ways to promote your business while also giving back to the community. Not only will you be doing something for the greater good, but people will appreciate your business all the more for it.
Do you have questions about how you can improve your online efforts? Contact us today and ask about our customized solutions.

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