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Creating Great YouTube Content for Your Small Business

After you read our March blog on the top 10 tips for YouTube marketing, I know you got started creating your company’s YouTube channel right away. If you didn’t, take a trip down memory lane and read it again. YouTube is still one of the top social media sites and one that warrants your participation as a small business owner. Why? Video grabs attention like nothing else can! While someone may skip over text on your website, they are likely to click on a video to see what it’s all about. This opens the door to more personal communication between your business and the customer because it puts a face to your brand. Video is really the next best thing to speaking to a customer in person and YouTube creates the ideal format for posting, leveraging, and sharing your content.
So, now that we addressed that video is a necessity, what should they be about? Video content must need a need in order to capture attention and interest. Here are some ideas:

Share Your Story

More than ever, people are searching online to learn about businesses before they make purchasing decisions. Create a short, professional, and compelling video that speaks to your brand and why you do what you do.

Product Demonstrations

Customers want to see how a product works before they invest their money. Showcase your products in a series of short videos about how they work, and more importantly, what can your product do to make your customer’s life easier. You know that whole “what’s in it for ME?”

New Product Launches

People always want information and the inside scoop on the next big product. Create excitement and hype about new launches of your business’s products and services. Release a series of videos, each one releasing a bit more information building up to the official release.


Testimonials are one of the most influential videos a business can have. Why? They offer a third-party endorsement of your business, brand, products, and services. Testimonial videos connect potential customers who are making the decision to commit to your brand with actual customers that have already made the decision and are satisfied. After all, if current customers are happy, then they will be too, right? Testimonial videos should be organic and authentic. Don’t feed your clients a script but instead allow them to use their own words, perhaps with just a little coaching to touch on some of your main value propositions.

How-To Videos

How-To videos are some of the most viewed clips on YouTube. People want to learn and look for videos that teach them. A how-to video instantly elevates you above your competitors as an expert in a subject matter or technique. How-to videos do not have always have to be specific to your products either, but keep them closely related to your industry to remain relevant.
As you start to develop content, remember one important thing, keep it unique and relevant. Production should remain simple — no Hollywood filmmaking needed — and always reinforce your brand.
Have you created a YouTube video for your business? What types of videos are you creating and sharing?
Do you still have questions about online marketing?
Contact Realware today and ask about our array of website services.
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