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Developing a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Shifting gears a little bit from social media, we are now going to tackle email marketing for a bit. A well organized and executed email marketing campaign can help your small business tremendously. Some of the benefits include building and fostering relationships and encouraging repeat customers and brand loyalty. Good reason to get started right? To take advantage of these benefits, and more, it is important that all of your email communication is part of an overall marketing plan that supports your brand strategy. Effective email campaigns should always correspond with both your traditional and social media marketing initiatives. So, how can you develop and launch a successful email marketing campaign? Here are some of my top tips.
1. Get Permission! Sending email correspondence, like a graphic email or e-newsletter, is the worst start to a customer relationship. Unsolicited email is spam and your recipients will not be happy. Make sure to develop an “organic” email list by utilizing an “opt-in” on your website, Facebook page, and current online ads and correspondence.
2. Know Your Audience. Who is buying the product or service that you are promoting? Define that audience and gear your communication directly to them. This adds a personal touch and will likely increase your response rates.
3. Make it Relevant. Here is that word again … relevant. I repeat this often but I’ll say it again, all of your content should be unique, valuable, and relevant to your targeted audience. Know who you are reaching and develop your email to speak directly to them. For example, sending an email about a flash shoe sale at midnight to a list of software engineers is likely not going to garner you the results that an email about a sneak peak launch of the latest Apple product.
4. Remember Your Brand. All of your emails and messages should always support your brand. All of your marketing initiatives, email, print, online, and more, should have the same look and feel in order to build and enhance your brand presence.
5. Outline Goals and Expectations. What do you hope to accomplish with each email and your campaign as a whole? How does it fit with your overall marketing strategy? How will you measure success? What statistics does your email provider offer – open rates, click-throughs, opt-outs?
6. Sell the Click. Your emails should have one main objective, to sell the click. You want your recipient to click through, right? Make sure your call-to-action is strong and urgent. Tell them what you want them to do, i.e. Click Here for XX!
7. Give Them a Hook. Your call-to-action tells them what to do and your hook tells them “why” they should click. Your hook should be something that they can’t get somewhere else. Again, remember your target audience and give them an offer, or information, that they have to click through to get.
8. Always Encourage the “Share.” Make it easy for recipients to share your email with their social media accounts. Always integrate social media with quick links to allow sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Pinterest.
9. Be Mobile Friendly. We all run around all day with our smart phones in hand checking email or updating Facebook statuses. Make sure your emails look good and are completely mobile compatible.
10. Review and Re-evaluate. Always review your stats for each email, then your campaign as a whole. What were your response rates? What messages were most effective? If something didn’t work, rework it and try again.
What are the secrets to your email marketing successes? What tips can you add?
Do you have questions about how you can improve your online efforts? Contact us today and ask about our customized solutions.

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