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Ecommerce Companies Should Have a Good Holiday Season

The ecommerce industry seems to grow larger by the day, and now, with the holiday season nearly upon us, predictions are suggesting that it should be seeing an additional boom in growth. There are estimates of a 12% increase in online sales from the last holiday season, putting the number somewhere around $94 billion.
Here are some stats that might help display what we have to expect in the weeks to come:
- 67% of retailers believe that they will make more online sales this holiday season than they did last year. Almost 25% of retailers said that they expected online sales to increase by a full 50% or more. Only 10% said they expected online sales to decrease, while 23% said they expected sales to stay the same.
- Additionally, more and more consumers will be turning to their smart phones and other mobile devices to assist them with all their shopping needs this holiday season.
- About 60% of mobile shoppers will use their mobile devices while in a store in order to compare prices with online sales.
- 66% will use their devices to compare the price of one store’s product with that of another store.
- 40% plan to request that their price be matched.
- 48% plan to read reviews online in order to better inform their purchases.
- 40% intend to use their mobile device to obtain a discount while at a retail store.
- 40% will scan a product in order to find out more about it.

What are people looking for?

As for what products people are most interested in investigating on their mobile devices, 70% are interested in looking into electronics, 50% are looking into clothing and accessories, 46% want to research books, music and video games, 45% are interested in toys, and 30% plan to look into sporting goods.
These also make up the bulk of the products that customers actually buy over mobile devices.
There is one other thing to keep in mind this holiday season when thinking about Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. It is generally thought of as a day when people come into stores to shop, but in fact, 62% of mobile shoppers said that they would consider making purchases over their mobile device on Black Friday.

What should you do to take advantage of all this?

The good news for you and your business is that there really isn’t any dramatic action you need to take here. As the holidays come around, people are pretty much going to be willing to make purchases whether or not you are doing anything to encourage them.
On the other hand, it won’t hurt you to get in front of all of this holiday-centered commercial energy and guarantee that it is benefiting your business as much as possible. Let people know what you have to offer them this season. Make sure that your sites, your products, and your services, are Internet friendly, and, more specifically, mobile friendly.
People are willing to spend a lot of money during the holidays—why not make sure they are spending it on you?
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