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Posts in February 2012

How to Pick the Best Social Network for Your Brand

The world is consumed by social media. In fact, that’s where we collectively spend 110 billion hours! As individuals, and as businesses, we are expected to get in the game. Seventy percent of companies are increasing social media presence, frequency, and processes according to a survey by Awareness for 2012.   Seventy percent of those survey respondents said they are focusing on increasing their presence across social marketing platforms. Fifty-nine percent are increasing the frequency of content publishing, and 50 percent and 45 percent are focusing on a more robust social marketing management and monitoring, respectively.   Before your company...Read more...

User Generated Content Helps with SEO

Many CEOs and Marketing VPs have questions about SEO.   If your business has an online presence with a website there is a good chance that SEO drives at least some level of revenue. When seeing this number most wonder how they can make it larger. This is where the idea of improving SEO comes into play.   Search engine optimization (SEO) is about optimizing your website to ensure that you rank well for various keyword queries on the popular search engines such as Google.   Ranking well for common keywords in your industry can be lucrative. This is why...Read more...

How to Increase Reviews for Your Business

Product reviews are important for all businesses.   Reviews have even been called undeniably influential for consumers. People even seem to trust their peers more than family and friends. People are looking to read reviews from people that are like them. Consumers don’t necessarily want to know the person behind the review. They are reading the reviews and looking for details that are relevant to them.   These details cannot be faked. Consumers speak their own language when it comes to reviews. People tell their own stories when they share reviews. The best reviews contain details that a product expert...Read more...

Why Local Businesses Need a Text Marketing Program

Local businesses have the most to gain from text marketing.   Texting appears to be on the rise in popularity especially among the teen demographic. But even adults are texting more. The number of texts is growing each year among all age groups.   Now, businesses are trying to figure out how texting can be used as a marketing channel. Some companies are already asking their customers for permission to send them texts or push notifications.   Some companies are experimenting with text marketing programs, but most strategies are still in the experimenting phase.   It seems, though, that local...Read more...

The Best Social Media Channel for Your Business

A buzzword phrase these days is “social media”.   Social media has been around for about a decade now, but most folks are still trying to figure out what it means in terms of business.   In the early days of the Internet, social media involved blogging and even email. Today, social media consists of Twitter, Facebook, and countless other online destinations and applications.   Trying to keep up with the latest social media tool and channel can be confusing.   Here is a basic guiding principle you can use to understand what social media should mean for your company...Read more...

Why You Need an Email Program Instead of a Facebook Page

Facebook is everywhere.   The social utility has been in the headlines continuously for the last 5+ years. The company has grown from a dorm room startup into possibly the largest initial public offering in history.   Despite all the success, there still appears to be some frustration among business owners and marketers. These folks have been trying to figure out how to use Facebook as a value added marketing channel for their companies, but many are still struggling.   There are a few reasons for the frustration and once you analyze your business there is even opportunity to realign...Read more...



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