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Posts in June 2012

How to Educate Employees About IT Security Issues

IT security training can be tricky.   You’ve probably seen the lame security slideshows and videos used at companies aimed to educate employees on the potential security threats of passwords, downloads, etc. These overviews can get boring and most employees might just go through the motions instead of considering the consequences of security issues.   Employees are children. You know this. It’s all right to treat employees like they are smart and educated people when presenting IT security issues.   Here is a way to educate your employees regarding IT security issues.   Speak to Small Groups or Individuals –...Read more...

How to Bootstrap Small Business IT

It’s difficult for any business to get started.   The fate of the small business owner is constantly juggling the finances. It’s essential to make sure there is enough cash to go around especially when payroll comes around.   Bootstrapping is a part of the small business makeup. There is no way around the worry that comes with a new small business even when things are growing and expanding.   One aspect of small business growth companies struggle with is IT and computer-related issues. As a company grows the demands for a more robust IT infrastructure grow as well. For...Read more...

How to Scale IT as Your Company Grows

The best problem for a business to have is scale.   A business that needs to scale is a business that is growing. Small businesses can run into this issue as they move from one or two employees to a dozen and to even more employees. There are stages a company reaches and throughout the entire growth stage there are needs that arise with the IT world.   Let's address the common needs your company will need as your business grows and you need to scale your IT hardware, software, and other related services.   Hardware Upgrades   As you...Read more...

Addressing The Top IT Concerns of Small Business Owners

Do you have IT issues?   If you're like most small business owners you're shaking your head in agreement. Every company of every size has issues with IT. Computers cause more frustrations at companies than most other areas of business. There is just something about computers that cause people to boil. The machines are supposed to work all the time and when they don't we feel like it's the end of the world because it really can be if we depend on our computer to do our jobs.   Today the goal is to address a few of the top...Read more...

The Beginner's Guide to The Cloud

The cloud.   You've probably seen the commercials. You've probably heard colleagues mention that they're using cloud services. If you're curious about the cloud and what it means for you and your business then we've hopefully put together a good primer on the topic.   Cloud services have much to offer businesses, but a few of the pros including ways that save you money and improve your efficiency. More businesses are using the cloud and the trend appears to be toward cloud computing. You're in the right place to improve your business and prepare for the future.   Cloud Storage...Read more...

What to do When IT Disaster Strikes

You know the feeling.   The folder you were just working in no longer appears. You take a breath and hold it for what feels like an hour. Your mind races in a million different directions contemplating the worst possible scenarios.   If you have worked with computers for even a few years you have probably gone through an IT disaster. Files get lost or deleted. They could have been hacked. They could have been accidentally erased from existence. There is quite a bit that can go wrong in the computer and IT world.   For businesses this is scary....Read more...

5 Technology Tools That Allow You to Grow Your Business

Everything is about technology these days.   As a business owner you're probably hounded by vendors with software and technology that will solve your business problems. While it's possibly all these solutions will help you and your business the only thing that really matters when it comes to technology is whether or not a tool allows you to grow as a company.   A good business manager knows that low cost customer acquisition is important for a profitable business. Any technology tool that increases low cost customer acquisition is an obvious winner. Another aspect of business that technology can benefit...Read more...

How to Create a Hardware Upgrade Plan

Small businesses and even larger businesses struggle with hardware upgrades. It’s difficult to know what is needed versus what is nice to have. It involves everyone in the company including the top-level managers and the folks that work on computers nearly their entire workweek.   It would be nice to have the best equipment for every employee, but in a world of tight budgets it’s just not always easy to make everyone happy by providing the best equipment.   Hardware upgrades are difficult, but here are a few areas of focus you can use to create hardware upgrade processes that...Read more...

What to Look for in a Third Party IT Partner

We write quite a bit about why a third party IT partner is beneficial to your business, but when it comes to actually choosing one it’s still necessary to have insight. It’s an important decision because this partner will have access to key information plus they’ll be responsible for your business uptime, which allows you to work and continue to grow and make money.   Here are three areas you should look for when evaluating IT partners. Don’t limit yourself to a company that doesn’t have these qualities because without any of these you can run into issues and find...Read more...

No More IT Questions with Outsourced Helpdesk

Do you have computer issues at your company?   Every business deals with computer issues. There are hardware issues, software issues, and Internet issues. It’s crazy for a business, especially a small business, to deal with these issues in-house.   The more people you have working on computers and networks and the Web the more issues you will have. It is costly to maintain a full support staff, but you employees need to have as much uptime as possible so they can work and grow your business.   So what’s the solution?   Outsourcing Business Helpdesk   The solution many...Read more...

How to Handle Network Permissions

Permissions to files and data are a tricky issue for businesses.   Decisions need to be made about who has access to what information. These discussions can get difficult for a company because it needs to involve a few different departments including management, HR, and IT. All departments need to be involved to make sure all sides of the permissions matter are covered before granting and blocking access.   Here are a few rules to follow as you work to setup your business network permissions.   Business Network Permissions Guidelines   Employees would probably like access to more files than...Read more...

Securing Your Small Business Network

You probably read about computer network security breaches every day. There is always some hacker out there looking to access passwords, usernames, and other vital business information they can use in some way to make money or to extract revenge on someone.   Security issues happen to large businesses. Those are the stories that make the mainstream news every evening, but security is also a big concern for small businesses.   How to Secure Small Business Computer Networks   Information security is important for businesses of any size. Large companies usually have protocol in place to handle break downs in...Read more...

How to Handle Employee Remote Network Access

Do your employees travel?   Even in small businesses there are reasons for employees to travel. As the business owner you might travel to trade shows and to visit current clients. There are support folks that travel. Sales people travel to work on new leads.   Whatever the reason for the travel, it’s crucial for business people today to have access to key information. It can be an issue for an employee that is on the road if they cannot have access to company information. This is where it can be a key advantage and benefit to use the cloud...Read more...

The Benefits of Remote Helpdesk

Have you ever had an issue with your work computer?   It’s a no-brainer answer. Everybody has issues with their computers at the office. The hardware becomes slow. The software doesn’t work. You get the spinning wheel of death as the computer thinks and thinks with nothing happening.   Computer issues lead to frustration, but more importantly they lead to a loss of productivity. With the ability to work you lose profit and that can leave your business lacking when it comes to today’s competitive small business world.   For most small businesses having an in-house helpdesk is not a...Read more...

How to Secure Guest Wi-Fi at the Office

Do vendors and partners visit your office for meetings?   A common need in most office settings today is guest Wi-Fi access. It’s something most business visitors expect when they arrive for a meeting. Much of the meeting material might even be stored in a cloud storage location so it is easily accessed from anywhere in the world.   Does your company have Wi-Fi access for visitors?   Setting up Wi-Fi for your own internal purposes is something new to some businesses. It means setting up a secure wireless network, which can have its own costs and security issues. But...Read more...

How to Handle Employee Internet Browsing

A big question business owners and managers have today is how to deal with employee Internet browsing.   The issue is relatively new, but has become something more companies have had to deal with in the past 10 to 20 years. Prior to the 2000s, companies didn’t have access to high speed Internet. Today, most companies have offices with access to the Internet. As a result, employees have access to the distractions the Internet has to offer and when the distraction becomes an issue of production and efficiency it can be a problem for the employees, managers, and owners.  ...Read more...

The Issue of Software Support for Small Businesses

Does your business struggle with IT issues like failing computers, lack of server capacity and other computer and software related issues?   You’re not alone.   Thousands of small businesses are in a continuous battle to handle the IT situations that arise throughout the regular workweek. One day it could be the Internet connection. The next day it could be a loss of all data and saved information.   There is always the threat of something going wrong in the IT world. The dangers of not being prepared with the right kind of support include loss of production and loss...Read more...

How to Upgrade Employee Computer Hardware

Previously we touched on the process for upgrading employee computer systems and software.   Today, we'll talk about upgrading the hardware.   For most situations, software needs upgrading more often than hardware. Computer hardware today can last a long time from a physical standpoint. It's more the speed and efficiency of the machines that causes companies to upgrade the hardware for their employees.   It's different for various companies. Some will go five years or more with the same hardware. Employees can handle the same workload and work efficiently without needing an upgrade. Some maintenance along the way is probably...Read more...

How to Upgrade Employee Computer Systems

Software and systems upgrades are real headaches for most companies.   It's ideal for your employees to have the best computer systems so they can perform their job to the best of their abilities. It's frustrating for the employees to suffer with insufficient systems and it's also frustrating for you because you'll have to deal with their frustration along with the lack of production.   As a result, it's important to understand how to upgrade employee computer systems so there is limited frustration and maximized production.   How to Upgrade Employee Computer Systems   For small businesses, upgrading computer systems...Read more...

The Benefits of Outsourcing Small Business IT

Computers. Servers. Software.   For business owners and managers these three items can lead to big headaches.   The IT world is confusing to many in the business world, but it is entirely essential. You need to have experienced people handling your companies information systems in order to operate a successful business. So much of business today happens with computers and the Internet that even a small amount of downtime can cost a company thousands if not millions of dollars.   But what about the costs?   In-house IT is not cheap. As a small business owner you understand the...Read more...

Leveraging Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Are you showcasing your positive customer reviews and testimonials in your marketing efforts? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity. Positive feedback about your product or services shows prospective customers that you have met or exceeded expectations with your business. Why are testimonials so effective? They provide a third-party endorsement of your brand. This transparent form of grassroots marketing gives you credibility which is essential in growing your business. Testimonials provide an instant connection from a satisfied customer to one that is considering making the commitment to your brand. After all, if other people are happy, they will be...Read more...



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