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Posts in August 2012

You Already Use the Cloud for Personal Use (And You Don’t Realize It)

For many people the cloud is still a mystery.   In fact, there are many people that think the cloud is actually about clouds in the sky. That’s right, some 29% of people in the US think the cloud is actually a cloud.   Now, maybe you’re part of that group and it really doesn’t matter. That’s on the cloud providers for failing to effectively communicate what the cloud actually is and how it can help people.   The truth is that many people already use the cloud and they don’t realize it. What this means is that people are...Read more...

Cloud Computing Promotes Entrepreneurship

Many existing businesses have chosen to make the transition to the Cloud from their previous independent computer sever—they find that it makes their operations easier and more successful.   Some more recent businesses, however, might not even exist in the first place if it weren’t for the benefits of cloud computing.   The ease of the Cloud encourages an entrepreneurial spirit that would have a hard time existing otherwise. Now that they can operate on the Cloud, start-up companies don’t need to invest in technology in the same way they did just a few years ago. At the same time...Read more...

Big International Company Investing in The Cloud

It’s always big news when a large company discusses cloud computing.   This time international company Sony is in the news for their future outlook for the cloud. It’s unclear at this point what Sony has in mind, but with its history of success you can bet that something interesting will be released in the future.   What is also interesting about this news is that a company like Sony sees value and growth for cloud services. For a company like Sony to invest there must be something intriguing.   The cloud has been in the news quite a bit...Read more...

Cloud Helps You While Also Helping the Environment

When people talk about the Cloud saving energy, it turns out they don’t just mean your energy, or the energy of your company.   In a society growing more and more concerned with global warming, greenhouse gases, and energy inefficiency, Cloud computing might just be the environmental game changer everyone has been looking for.   A recent study showed that in a five-year period, a firm that transferred to a private internal Cloud could reduce its carbon emissions by 25,000 metric tons; the same firm transferring to a public Cloud could reduce carbon emissions by 30,000 metric tons.   That’s...Read more...

Cloud Usage Expected to Boom in the Coming Years

Cloud use is on the rise.   A growing number of companies at least testing a cloud solution and in the next few years spending on cloud-related solutions is expected to grow rapidly.   Here are some recent stats:   - Cloud services are expected to reach $207 billion by 2016, double the current spending (source) - 72% of all companies are at least piloting a cloud service (source) - 70% of all Australian business using cloud-computing services are looking to boost their cloud-based solutions budget significantly over the next 12 months (source)   As you can see companies are...Read more...

NASA Uses The Cloud for Mission to Mars

If you’re wondering about the capabilities of the cloud then look no further.   It turns out that NASA used the cloud for its mission to Mars.   That’s big time.   If NASA trusts the cloud to handle its biggest mission to date then maybe the cloud can work for your company too. NASA had some big requirements for the Curiosity mission to Mars and they were able to find that the cloud offered a few advantages.   To go along with the cost savings (NASA has been under pressure lately with funding) NASA found that cloud computing makes...Read more...

Are Companies Really Utilizing The Cloud?

As of last year 37% of companies were estimated to be using the cloud.   That’s a pretty high percentage considering how much (or little) people still know about the cloud.   The companies using the cloud listed a few areas where the cloud is suitable for their needs including email, accounting, marketing and other areas. These are just some of the ways the cloud can work for businesses and it seems like more companies are getting on board with cloud computing.   There are still a few objections for companies that aren’t yet using the cloud.   Objection 1...Read more...

Even The Army Is Using the Cloud

Lots of businesses are starting to use the cloud.   The cloud is even proving to be valuable for organizations outside of business.   In a recent release the US Army even shared their experience with the cloud. It turns out the Army is using the cloud for a variety of applications. The soldiers in the field are using the cloud to access information even in the heat of battle. These soldiers are accessing vital information as they work under extreme duress and it appears the cloud is making their lives more efficient while giving them the information and access...Read more...

How to Transition a Business to the Cloud

Businesses are looking at cloud services to solve a few things including:   - Hosting - Backup - Software   These areas are of growing interest for a variety of businesses. As the Internet becomes more important to regular business operations the need for secure cloud computing becomes more important too. Business leaders and IT leaders need secure cloud environments so business data is protected as the business uses the cloud to become more efficient and profitable.   As companies change over to the cloud for more purposes there is something that needs to be addressed. There are always details...Read more...

What Big Data Means for the Cloud

There are two big terms in the marketing world right now.   Big Data is the first. There is some confusion around what Big Data actually is but most people look at big data as being able to take vast amounts of data at scale and using it for business purposes.   In the online world of ecommerce, social media and other online technology it is Big Data that is getting much attention from business owners and marketers. These folks are looking for ways that Big Data can benefit their bottom lines.   The other big term in the industry...Read more...

How to Deal with Cloud Data Security Issues

With the recent focus on cloud security it’s a good time to focus on what you can do to protect your personal and business data. The cloud security issues at Amazon and Apple have led to more scrutiny from consumers in the cloud world. People are demanding more protection, which is understandable. The providers are doing what they can to ensure protection and there are ways consumers can help.   When it comes to protecting your information it’s obvious you should have focus on your own well being too. Here are some of the things to focus on as you...Read more...

What the Amazon Security Breach Means for Cloud Computing

Big cloud providers were in the news again recently. A prominent reporter had their information hacked as a result of Amazon and Apple security issues. The hackers were able to get personal information along with technology information to change passwords. The hackers then took it to the reporter by deleting files and making a mockery of the security of the cloud and technology in general.   This is not the first time there has been an issue with the cloud services of Amazon, Apple and Google. The companies have been dealing with outages and security breaches since they first started...Read more...

Do You Need a Custom IT Solution or a Template Solution?

For growing business there is always the issue of cost. As a successful business owner you already realize that it takes smart decisions to grow the company. A decision many companies face multiple times in their lifetimes is dealing with template solutions versus custom solutions. We like to believe that our company is unique and different from other companies, but we also want to fit into a template solution because they are cheaper and easier to implement.   When it comes to managing IT for the business the question of customer versus template is important. The cost savings of a...Read more...

How to Manage App Downloads on Company Devices

Mobile computing is on the rise in the business world.   Most people in business today – owners, executives and employees – all have mobile devices. There are smartphones, tablets and any variation of a portable device used to access the Internet.   An aspect of mobile computing that is important for the use of smartphones or tablets is the application platform of every mobile device. Applications or apps are downloaded to computers for a variety of reasons. There are apps for just about everything. You’ve probably heard the popular slogan, “There’s an app for that”.   For company issued...Read more...

Outsourced IT Partners Offer More Than Just Hardware

Are you a growing small business?   There are lots of things to think about as your company grows. You’ll need to bring in more employees to handle the workload. You’ll need to start thinking about investing in growth areas of the business and that means thinking about computer hardware.   Outsourced IT partners can help with your computer needs. It’s not always easy to know what to purchase for employees so having help can make a difference. Having someone that is familiar with what businesses need for computer hardware can save you money in the long run while also...Read more...

7 IT Related Items Often Overlooked by Small Business Owners

As small businesses grow their needs change. Demand on the owner and manager increases in all areas including IT. This change comes at a time when things are growing fast and often the IT matters are overlooked. The issue is that IT issues can bring down the business and stop things instantly. It’s necessary to understand the most overlooked tech-related issues so your small business can prepare and have a plan in place to keep you operating.   1. Computer Life Cycle   As the business grows it’s important to stay in contact with each of the employees. Money can...Read more...

5 Tips for Employee Mobile Computing

It’s a mobile world out there.   How many people in your company are using mobile phones or mobile-connected devices?   Chances are that a good number of people in your company are accessing your network and the Internet on a smartphone or tablet. It’s a trend that appears to be getting more common as the months go by. Smartphones and mobile devices are allowing sales people to have access to the information they need no matter where they are. IT support staff can fix issues no matter where they are.   Mobile has been great for business and the...Read more...

The 5 Most Common IT Issues for Employees

There is nothing more frustrating for business employees than computer issues.   For the most part we all struggle with computer issues. Since computers became a main part of everyday work life about 15 to 20 years ago computers have been fickle. When the computer goes down or the Internet connection goes down it can be incredibly frustrating for employees.   The frustration level picks up for employees and the stress mounts for the business manager and the IT staff also. It’s important to understand the biggest issues employees have with their computers at work so you can prepare your...Read more...

The Best Type of IT Support is Proactive

Most business owners want nothing to do with IT.   When computers have issues we want to get things solved as soon as possible. The longer computers are down the longer you and those in your business have to go without operating. It cuts into production and efficiency and can lead to lost money.   The best IT partner takes a proactive approach. When you look for an IT partner to help with your business make sure they have a proactive plan in place to make sure your business is protected because issues will occur with computers, software and the...Read more...

The Cost of Not Updating Your Company Software

We continue our discussion on the cost of IT.   Previous posts:   The Cost of Data Loss The Cost of Computer Downtime   Rather we’re continuing our discussion of IT inaction. So often for small businesses it is difficult to plan for IT issues. Business owners realize that everything relating to computers is important to the success of the company, but it’s difficult to know how to properly setup the business for IT success.   Issues happen with IT. It’s a running joke in the IT industry that if all is quiet with the computers in the office there...Read more...

The Cost of Data Loss

Yesterday we discussed the cost of computer downtime.   This relates mostly to the people working in your business. When computers are down there is a loss of productivity and potentially more far reaching issues depending on what those employees do in your company.   Today we’re taking the discussion to the next level and discussing the cost of data loss.   We’ve discussed data and backup before:   Your Company Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan The Importance of Backing Up Your Business Data How to Bulletproof Your Data Disaster Recovery   Today we’re adjusting the focus to money. We’re...Read more...

The Cost of Computer Downtime

As a business owner it’s important to understand the cost of just about everything.   When a computer in your office is down there is a cost. You know this and you’ve probably wondered just how much that downtime costs you and your business.   In a world where profit matters most there are a few keys to understanding what the cost of computer downtime is and how you can avoid it. When things are up and running everything is great, but when things go wrong it really brings the business down.   The Cost of Downtime   While costs...Read more...

The Basics to Managing a Web-Based E-Commerce Website

Website management is something overlooked by some business owners.   It’s easy to assume that once the designer and programmer complete the site that it will take care of itself. We covered this a little bit in an article about content management systems. The CMS allows the main user and manager of the website to have the power to control the content and even various data points and design points on a website.   A basic company website doesn’t pose too much in terms of updating and making changes. Where things can get tricky is with e-commerce websites.   If...Read more...



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