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Posts in September 2012

Top Seven Benefits to Managed Hosting - the Customer Perspective

We’ve talked a lot about the cloud, and public versus private cloud solutions, but wedged in between those two is managed cloud hosting. While public cloud hosting is open and driven by cost, and private cloud hosting is secure and dedicated, managed hosting meets them in the middle with both security and cost-effectiveness. Managed cloud hosting, like public cloud computing, can be purchased one server at a time. But, the main difference with the managed cloud is that security is a much higher priority than low cost. Simply put, managed hosting undertakes the upkeep and management of a dedicated server,...Read more...

Two Critical IT Steps for Small Businesses

“A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things in a vision, a dream of the whole thing,” so said American steel magnate Charles M. Schwab. Schwab’s sage advice is especially true for the modern entrepreneur. While planning for and developing a profitable, growing business is a complex, ongoing process, adequate planning, attention to details, and realistic expectations are critical to your success. One of the most important areas that today’s businesses need to focus attention on is their Information Technology needs.   Most small businesses don't have the luxury of assigning a single...Read more...

The Cloud for Non-Profits

Every company is looking to save money. But non-profit organizations, by their very nature, well, aren’t making a whole lot of profit. Which means that every dollar that can be saved on operational costs is a dollar that can instead be put towards doing what non-profits do best—helping others.   Financial perks of the cloud   Moving to a cloud-based system is one great way for non-profits to save money. The lower costs serve as one of the largest incentives for businesses to begin to use cloud computing, and for non-profits those costs are even more appealing.   If you’re...Read more...

Cloud Computing Continues to Grow in the Business World

This is not the first time we’ve said it, but with each passing day cloud computing manages to get its foot further and further into the door of the business world.   In the past nine months, there has been a 27 percent increase in users who are trying out cloud computing for the very first time, causing a sharp spike in the overall number of businesses using the cloud for all or some of their operating needs.   In terms of cloud use, private firms have the lead right now, with 68% percent of them using cloud computing services...Read more...

Cloud Computing Takes Flight

General Electric (GE) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have teamed up to bring cloud-computing technology into the air.   The 18-month project is designed to transition air traffic management technology to a cloud-based service. This shift will allow airlines and air traffic controllers to improve their services by sharing data—both real-time data and all varieties of data analysis.   While cloud computing has been spreading rapidly through the IT world, revolutionizing the ways in which all sorts of companies and organizations operate, it has not yet progressed very far into the world of aviation, where safety is,...Read more...

Going to Your Private Cloud

You’ve researched the differences between public cloud and private cloud computing solutions, and have conducted a thorough analysis of your needs, processes, current technologies, and of course, the very important return on investment (ROI). Weighing all options, your organization has opted to implement a private cloud strategy.   Private clouds are most commonly used to deliver virtualization automatically and in a more controlled environment, giving businesses an increase in efficiency, security, and valuable resources. Once you make the decision to go private, there are six critical key steps to private cloud success:   1. Create Your Virtual Environment. You cannot...Read more...

The Right Remote Back-Up Option For You

We’ve discussed the importance of backing up your business data, as well as 10 things to look for in a remote back-up provider, but now its time to discuss the best back-up approach for your organization. First, and most important, you can start to develop a back-up strategy to meet your company’s needs by asking the following important questions:   Are you backing up your entire operating system or just “mission critical” items? Some examples of these “mission critical” items include employee records, financial records, confidential documents, and databases. This answer determines how much data you need to back-up and...Read more...

The Vote Is In—Cloud Computing is the Best Choice

Trying to decide whether switching to a cloud computing service is the best choice for your and your business? Perhaps the best place to look for advice and guidance is to companies who have faced—and are facing—the very same question.   A recent study shows that three out of every five decision-makers at IT companies and other businesses are of the same opinion—that owning and operating one’s own IT infrastructure drives up costs to an unnecessarily high level and wastes precious time and resources that could be better spent somewhere else.   Nearly 60% of the people questioned in the...Read more...

The Cloud is Revolutionizing Education

We talk a lot about what the cloud can do for your business (and it can do a lot). But it’s also so much more than just a profit-maximizing tool. Cloud computing represents a technological revolution in nearly every aspect of life, and it brings with it advantages that go far beyond the benefits—which are vast—that it can offer to your business.   One area in particular where the value of cloud computing can be seen is in the educational system.   Online learning   Thanks to new technology, in recent years students have found themselves in a new position,...Read more...

More and More Companies are Adopting the Cloud

It seems as if, with each passing moment, more and more business are turning to cloud computing to carry out any and all of their IT needs. And far from slowing down, research suggests that, in the years to come, this trend will only continue to pick up steam.   It is predicted that by the end of this year, more than $40 billion will have been spent on public cloud services in 2012. That number could reach as much as $100 billion in the year 2016.   In the next four years, public cloud services are expected to see...Read more...

How to Stay in Control When Switching to the Cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses, there are still those who hesitate to embrace this new technology. Their apprehension often comes in large part, from a fear of losing control.   It does seem like that would be a legitimate fear. After all, switching to cloud computing means that you are letting your data out from the confines of your familiar computing system and into the wide-open world of the Cloud.   Why trust your valuable, personal data to somebody else? And why go through the process of change when everything is working just fine?...Read more...

Cloud Computing in the Government

Despite its rising popularity, there are many people that are still nervous about the idea of cloud computing. They hesitate to switch their businesses over because they worry that the cloud might be a safety risk. They don’t want to release their data into the Internet and leave it vulnerable to danger.   And yet America’s own government—as well as other governments around the world—have entrusted their data and services to the cloud.   Government agencies, which have more need for security and reliability than just about any other business—have decided to trust the cloud. Maybe your business can too....Read more...

Cloud Computing Condensed

It seems like everyone is throwing around the term “cloud computing” these days—but what does it really mean? Where did it come from? Who uses it, and for what?   Here are a few simple facts about cloud computing:   Where did cloud computing come from?   While it seems to have become all the rage in the past few years, cloud computing is, in fact, not a particularly new idea. It first came about in the 1960s, in vague discussions of a future possibility of the organization of data in some sort of public way.   If you feel...Read more...

Top 5 IT Mistake Small Companies Make

Long, long ago, small businesses did not have to worry about being computer experts or technically savvy – it was just about business. Not exactly the same scenario in 2012, as organizations realize that in order to compete, they must be smart about technology and take precautions in avoiding common IT security and data protection problems.   That being said, while most companies recognize the necessitude of securing important business data, many companies today continue to making costly missteps.   Let’s explore five all-too-common technical blunders, so you can avoid them and save yourself a lot of time and money....Read more...

Got Mac? Your employees do

Let’s face it, Apple is hot.   We all line up for the latest and greatest gadget, including the entire line of Macs. That love affair with iPads and iPhones has spilled over into a new found love of Macs as well. PC Magazine continues to rank Apple as having the best laptops and consumers are buying.   According to Forrester Forrsights Hardware Survey, 22 percent of enterprises see the use of employee-owned Mac computers increasing significantly in the workplace. However, based on the same survey, 41 percent of companies will not grant Mac users network access due to compatibility...Read more...

How IT Support Can Help Startup Companies

Startup companies are balls of emotion.   There is nothing crazier than being part of an exciting startup.   You and a few colleagues are gathered in a basement or in a warehouse somewhere and you’re creating something special. You have an idea and you work each day to make sure you can bring the idea to the light of day so you can become the next big startup in the business world.   It’s an exciting time when the startup is just getting going, but not everything is exciting. There is constantly a worry over money. This is the...Read more...

Don’t Let Spam Overrun Your Small Business

Spam is a huge issue for everyone.   It’s the nature of the Internet beast that spam will always be everywhere.   Spammers are the best at what they do. They infiltrate computers and software and spread throughout networks collecting information they can use for illegal profit and gain. It’s scary to think about how good these folks are at getting this information.   For small businesses the issue of spam is big. Every company is at risk of being overwhelmed with spam, but for small businesses there is likely more of a risk. Without the assistance of a large...Read more...

Cloud Computing Gives Small Business Access to the World

The cloud is going global.   One of the largest tech companies in China just announced that it’s investing huge amounts of money in the cloud. Not only is the company investing in the cloud, but they are betting part of their future on the opportunity cloud computing offers the company for growth, which is amazing because it’s already an incredibly successful and large corporation.   This is just one of the recent examples of how the cloud is having an impact on the global business world. Not only are companies in the US taking advantage of the cloud, but...Read more...

Tips for Backing Up Your Data with the Cloud

Using the Cloud to back up your data can be incredibly helpful. If your computer crashes, it no longer means you’ve lost everything. At worst, it means you’ve lost one particular tool with which to access your data.   A tool can be replaced. But replacing all of your company’s data and information, years and years of documents and files? That’s not quite so easy.   Of course there are other ways to back up data. But any physical backup device—an external hard drive, for instance—cannot, by its very nature, be flawless. It can be broken or damaged.   Backing...Read more...

The Cloud in Third World Countries

More and more businesses throughout the United States are moving in the direction of the Cloud, but it doesn’t stop there. The trend is travelling around the world as well, even reaching places that, not long ago, had access to hardly any technology at all.   For third world countries hoping to use technology as a catalyst for change, cloud computing might be the answer they’re looking for.   So far, technology has not been a large part of life in most of these countries—at the 2010 Digital Africa Summit it was revealed that less than 1% of Internet content...Read more...



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