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Cloud Computing Continues to Grow in the Business World

This is not the first time we’ve said it, but with each passing day cloud computing manages to get its foot further and further into the door of the business world.
In the past nine months, there has been a 27 percent increase in users who are trying out cloud computing for the very first time, causing a sharp spike in the overall number of businesses using the cloud for all or some of their operating needs.
In terms of cloud use, private firms have the lead right now, with 68% percent of them using cloud computing services in some capacity. Public organizations, however, are tailing close behind, with 62 percent of them using the cloud.

Why is it so popular?

Well, for one, those who use the cloud like the cloud. Among a sample group of both private and public organizations, 92 percent of them expressed satisfaction with their cloud services. That’s pretty hard to beat.

It allows you a lot of flexibility

71 percent of them said that the best part of cloud computing was the flexibility it allowed. In fact, “flexibility” covers all sorts of advantages that the cloud offers—the flexibility to access data from any location with internet access, the flexibility to change and expand your business without having to make drastic changes to your IT infrastructure, etc.

It helps you save money

66 percent of businesses, meanwhile, said that the primary incentive for operating on the cloud was the money they could save by doing so. With the increase in processing that takes place on a hosted server comes a decrease in the services your business needs to perform itself, which means less infrastructure to be purchased, less maintenance to be performed, and an overall decrease in operating costs.
And what business isn’t interested in saving money?

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked

59% of users said that before they had entered into a trial period of cloud computing before entering into an official contract. This means that, upon trying the services, users decided that it really would be best for their business to continue on that path.
Shouldn’t your business think of trying it out as well?

The cloud-computing takeover

Cloud computing has essentially taken over the IT world, and it’s still continuing to spread. It can’t be a coincidence that so many businesses have decided to entrust their data and services to cloud-based servers.
The benefits, as we’ve touched on, are clear—flexibility, efficiency, lower costs. These are all things businesses are looking to increase, and cloud computing is providing more and more of them with the opportunity to do just that.
With so many companies, both private and public, not only moving to the cloud but expressing overall satisfaction with their decision to do so, it might just be time for your own businesses to think long and hard about giving the cloud a chance. You won’t regret it—and if you don’t believe us on that, just look at the numbers.
To learn more about how the cloud can help your business please contact Realware today.

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