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Cloud Computing in the Government

Despite its rising popularity, there are many people that are still nervous about the idea of cloud computing. They hesitate to switch their businesses over because they worry that the cloud might be a safety risk. They don’t want to release their data into the Internet and leave it vulnerable to danger.
And yet America’s own government—as well as other governments around the world—have entrusted their data and services to the cloud.
Government agencies, which have more need for security and reliability than just about any other business—have decided to trust the cloud. Maybe your business can too.
Here are some government programs that now employ cloud computing:
Defense Information Systems Agency: We already mentioned on this blog that even the army is now using the cloud. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is developing cloud solutions not only for the military but also for other areas within the Department of Defense.
In other words, DISA is developing ways in which cloud computing will be an instrumental role in the protection of our country.
Department of Energy: The Department of Energy (DOE) is also exploring the use of the cloud as a way to improve its services while lowering the costs. It is investigating ways in which cloud computing can help lead towards new scientific discoveries and advancements.
NASA: This, too, we mentioned before. NASA now has several programs that use the cloud. Nebula, a cloud-computing pilot, is currently under development.
The list goes on. Other organizations, such the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Centers for Disease Control have all begun to move in the direction of cloud computing.
It’s not surprising that government agencies have become so cloud-centric—in 2010 the federal government issued a “cloud first” policy as a part of a plan to reform its information technology management.
Like any other businesses, the government agencies that transitioned to the cloud had concerns about the safety of it. However, they soon realized that it would be possible to switch to the cloud, thereby gaining all the benefits that come with it, while still maintaining control over their systems and ensuring the safety of their data.

There’s a reason the government is using it

It’s not by chance that the government is beginning to turn seriously to the world of cloud computing. Government agencies see the advantages that so many other businesses have seen over the past few years: an opportunity to save their own time and money doing all the assorted IT-related things that can be better left to an outside source, thereby providing themselves with the opportunity to turn their resources to more important endeavors.
If the government is putting its faith in cloud computing, why shouldn’t your business? The benefits are obvious—save time, save money, secure your data. And not only are government agencies utilizing the cloud themselves, they’re also dedicating time and resources to improving it and adapting it for new and innovative purposes.
Which means things are only getting better.
Are you interested in using the cloud?
Contact Realware today and ask about our Cloud Hosting opportunities.

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