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Cloud Computing Takes Flight

General Electric (GE) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have teamed up to bring cloud-computing technology into the air.
The 18-month project is designed to transition air traffic management technology to a cloud-based service. This shift will allow airlines and air traffic controllers to improve their services by sharing data—both real-time data and all varieties of data analysis.
While cloud computing has been spreading rapidly through the IT world, revolutionizing the ways in which all sorts of companies and organizations operate, it has not yet progressed very far into the world of aviation, where safety is, of course, the primary concern.

The project hopes to streamline air-related communication

Now, however, safety concerns have been put to rest, and GE and NASA are prepared to use cloud computing to revolutionize the aviation world in the same way it’s already taken over the business sector.
The benefits that will come with this new transition are numerous. Pilots, air traffic controllers, and airline officials will be able to share information with each other more easily and rapidly than every before—updating each other on routes, altitudes, flight conditions, etc.
One of the major purposes of the project is to centralize the data and services of all the different factors involved in air traffic management. As of now, air traffic controllers, airlines and aircrafts all operate on separate, individual servers. By bringing them all to the cloud, the hope is that they will be able to communicate much more effectively and efficiently.
This new approach to aviation should allow airlines to improve traffic flow and increase the overall ease and efficiency of air travel.

Safety first

There are few industries in the world in which safety is more paramount than in the airline industry. The slightest flaw, the tiniest glitch in technology, could end up with absolutely catastrophic results. Naturally, then, this industry is going to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of its operations.
Many business owners and others looking to transition to the cloud worry about the safety of cloud computing, but the fact that airlines are now turning to it to run their services should tell you something important. Cloud computing really is a safe, reliable to solution to all of your IT needs.

If airlines are doing it, so should you

This change in air traffic management technology is just one extreme example of what cloud computing can do. You, too, can streamline your operations by transferring all or most of them to a cloud-based server. Perhaps you’re not planning to coordinate any trans-Atlantic flights in the near future, but cloud computing can help you manage any of your other services, big or small.
As a result, cloud computing can also help you save money, since the fewer services you need to perform—and the less equipment you need to perform them—the less money you will spend.
Over the course of the past few years, businesses worldwide have been discovering the many advantages of cloud computing. The fact that an industry as huge and risk-averse as the airline industry is now turning to the cloud is just further evidence of all that it has to offer.
To learn more about how the cloud can help your business please contact Realware today.

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