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How to Stay in Control When Switching to the Cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses, there are still those who hesitate to embrace this new technology. Their apprehension often comes in large part, from a fear of losing control.
It does seem like that would be a legitimate fear. After all, switching to cloud computing means that you are letting your data out from the confines of your familiar computing system and into the wide-open world of the Cloud.
Why trust your valuable, personal data to somebody else? And why go through the process of change when everything is working just fine? Why risk losing control?

Keeping track of your data

One of the greatest fears relating to the Cloud is the simple question of where exactly your data has gone. Who would agree to give up the comfortably safety of their own system and allow their data to float freely around the Internet?
The truth is, though, that cloud computing provides a lot more flexibility than most people imagine. If a company decides to use a private cloud, pretty much everything can be worked out to their exact specifications—security, firewall, etc.
Even if your data is technically being held by somebody else, you can still know exactly where it is and how it is being protected.

Will business be interrupted during the transition?

Another fear that many people have is that of what will happen during the period of time when the date is being moved from their own computing system to the Cloud. How long will this take? Will business be able to carry on as the transition is undertaken? Will business be interrupted for a significant length of time? Will you lose time, and therefore money, from any sort of lag that occurs?
In fact, the transition is usually so smooth that it goes essentially unnoticed. In most cases, the environment has already been created in the Cloud for the data prior to the instance of transition, meaning it is a completely painless process for the company and does not interrupt business in the slightest.

Will the Cloud restrict business growth?

Not only will the cloud not in any way inhibit the growth of your company, it may in fact make the process of growth even easier.
When a company functions on its own computing system, that system has often been created with the specifics of that company in mind—but those specifics don’t necessarily include what the company might become in the future.
A company operating on the cloud that finds itself growing past what it had expected can almost instantly have available to it the new resources necessary to keep up.
If the company grows beyond the bounds of the resources that were purchased in the original switch to cloud computing, a new package can be negotiated and purchased.

Keeping control

So why risk losing control? The simple answer is, you don’t have to. Switching to the cloud allows you save time and money and at the same time maintain complete control over all of your data.
So really, what’s to lose?

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