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The Cloud for Non-Profits

Every company is looking to save money. But non-profit organizations, by their very nature, well, aren’t making a whole lot of profit. Which means that every dollar that can be saved on operational costs is a dollar that can instead be put towards doing what non-profits do best—helping others.

Financial perks of the cloud

Moving to a cloud-based system is one great way for non-profits to save money. The lower costs serve as one of the largest incentives for businesses to begin to use cloud computing, and for non-profits those costs are even more appealing.
If you’re thinking of starting a non-profit of your own, using the cloud means that you can greatly reduce the amount of infrastructure needed from the beginning, which will have a huge impact on your start-up costs.
Even if your organization is already up and running, switching more of your services over to the cloud can reduce the number of people you need on your IT staff, as well as reduce the amount of equipment you need to keep up and running and well-maintained.

It’s more convenient, too

Operating on the cloud means that data can be accessed from just about anywhere. There’s no need to go into the office to retrieve data from one particular computer. Instead, anything you have stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world, just so long as you have Internet access. This gives you, your staff, and your volunteers a great deal more flexibility with your work.

Helping the world go green

In addition to all the things it does for you, cloud computing also does great things for the environment. Since many non-profits are, in fact, focused on helping the environment, this is a win-win.
Since using the cloud means that your business needs to operate fewer servers and pieces of equipment in order to perform the same tasks and accomplish the same amount of work, there will be significantly less energy being used and fewer gases and toxins being released into the air.
Also, since all or most of your computer processing will be run through a hosted sever, your organization’s computers need less power, meaning you don’t have to replace them as frequently.

Preventing risks

Of course, you and your non-profit want to be able to focus all of your time on bringing about a positive change in the world, so you certainly don’t want to be tripped up by any sort of technical glitch.
There has been a great deal of discussion on the pros and cons of cloud computing—but that is inevitable with the emergence of such a big change in the IT industry. Today, companies are growing more and more confident in their decisions to make the switch to the cloud.
As many of our other blogs have touched on, there are plenty of ways to ensure the security of your data while still reaping all the benefits of the cloud. If you want to minimize the money and time your non-profit organization spends on IT-related tasks and equipment so you can get back to helping save the world, cloud computing might just be the way to go.
To learn more about how the cloud can help your business please contact Realware today.

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