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The Cloud is Revolutionizing Education

We talk a lot about what the cloud can do for your business (and it can do a lot). But it’s also so much more than just a profit-maximizing tool. Cloud computing represents a technological revolution in nearly every aspect of life, and it brings with it advantages that go far beyond the benefits—which are vast—that it can offer to your business.
One area in particular where the value of cloud computing can be seen is in the educational system.

Online learning

Thanks to new technology, in recent years students have found themselves in a new position, a position in which their geography no longer dictates their education possibilities. Cloud computing has led to the onset of virtual learning centers, meaning that students around the world can use technology to come together, learn together, interact and collaborate with each other.
Students who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise have access to a quality education, or for whom the normal method of learning (or at least, what used to be normal) just doesn’t seem to be working out, can now turn to any of the many, many systems of education that are now run online—all thanks to the powers of cloud computing.

Online databases

Online classes and the like are not the only educational benefits that can be seen to have arisen from the cloud. Data storage, which is what businesses most frequently use cloud storage for, also offers incredibly opportunities to institutions of learning.
For example, schools that would otherwise be limited in terms of the resources that they were able to offer—books, journals, etc—can instead give their students access to online databases with hundreds of thousands of books available at any time.
It’s not just books, either. Students have access to things that, a not-very-long time ago, would have been nearly impossible to obtain, such as thousands of educational videos that can also be shared through these online databases.

A new digital world

It’s not unlikely that, in the near future, technology such as cloud services will lead to an educational system that is almost completely digitized. Tired of heavy and high-priced textbooks weighing down your bag? It seems likely that it won’t be long before all this new technology makes textbooks a thing of the past. Instead, all the information and resources a student needs—resources, indeed, that never could have been found in a book—will be available online through these shared databases.
The advantages are easy to see, and those same advantages that are leading our educational system so rapidly into a new, cloud-based era, are the ones encouraging so many businesses to move in that direction as well.
Data storage, convenience, the ability to access resources from any place in the world—these are just a few of the things that are fueling the rapidly growing popularity in cloud computing technology.
The cloud is rapidly revolutionizing our educational system—if you let it, it can revolutionize your business too.
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