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The Right Remote Back-Up Option For You

We’ve discussed the importance of backing up your business data, as well as 10 things to look for in a remote back-up provider, but now its time to discuss the best back-up approach for your organization. First, and most important, you can start to develop a back-up strategy to meet your company’s needs by asking the following important questions:
Are you backing up your entire operating system or just “mission critical” items? Some examples of these “mission critical” items include employee records, financial records, confidential documents, and databases. This answer determines how much data you need to back-up and how much space will be required.
What are your top priorities and concerns? Top priorities should be backed-up to more than one location – an online source and a local device. The extra layer of protection reduces the risk and gives you peace of mind.
How often do you need to back-up? Businesses should run a daily back-up — weekly at least — if you are actively creating and updating your files, applications, and documents?
Once your needs are clearly defined, you can take it a step further and look into the three basic options for backing-up your business data.
1. Back-up Software. Consider this option if you’re business prefers back-up data onsite and would like the option to send data to another office or cloud infrastructure. While onsite data software can reduce your recovery time, you also have to have the manpower to set-up the storage software and continually manage it. This is something to definitely think about.
2. Back-up Appliance. Small businesses preferring to back-up onsite should consider this option if they haven’t invested in storage software or are planning to upgrade their hardware. This appliance is basically an end-to-end solution with an all-in-one machine that unifies your back-up software with the storage environment. This solution works for companies that have a small IT team that works with the vendor to manage. These appliances can back-up locally, and then can be shared as a copy with your cloud infrastructure.
3. Back-up or Hosted Cloud. Back-up or cloud hosted products are best suited for smaller businesses with the need to protect several servers and computers. Cloud-based back-up is the best option for many companies that may have a smaller IT department or that require a more full-service storage and back-up vendor. The cloud, as we’ve talked about many times, provides an easy way to continuously back-up your local applications and data to a secure, hosted infrastructure. The cloud is also a quicker and more secure way to protect your remote offices and mobile users.
We know that your data is critical to your business performance and survival. Whatever option you choose, make sure you are continuously reviewing and updating your strategy to ensure that all of your necessary information is protected. Set up your automatic back-ups and monitor them often. You will be happy you did.
What is your back-up strategy? How often do you revaluate? Still have questions about back-up options? Contact Realware today.

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