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The Vote Is In—Cloud Computing is the Best Choice

Trying to decide whether switching to a cloud computing service is the best choice for your and your business? Perhaps the best place to look for advice and guidance is to companies who have faced—and are facing—the very same question.
A recent study shows that three out of every five decision-makers at IT companies and other businesses are of the same opinion—that owning and operating one’s own IT infrastructure drives up costs to an unnecessarily high level and wastes precious time and resources that could be better spent somewhere else.
Nearly 60% of the people questioned in the study—550 decision-makers worldwide, from countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and China—felt that outsourcing a company’s infrastructure would ultimately be more beneficial to the company as a whole.

Some more statistics

Outsourcing: Organizations worldwide are now outsourcing about 25% of their IT infrastructure, and this number is expected to increase, topping 40% in the next five years.
Regrets: In retrospect, more than 50% of businesses regret their decision to purchase one or more pieces of the IT equipment they own, rather than choosing to outsource.
The only thing stopping them… : Among the companies that are not currently outsourcing everything, 42% say that the only thing stopping them are contractual obligations that make outsourcing impossible.
Growing numbers: Today, as many as 85% of businesses use the cloud, both public and private, for data storage and other services. This shows a tremendous increase from the 39% of 2010.
While not all companies are all-in quite yet, 50% or more of companies worldwide are increasing the amount of IT services they are entrusting to cloud services.

What this trend suggests

These numbers show just how many people and organizations, both in the United States and around the world, have come to see the value of cloud computing. By relinquishing their IT responsibility to an outside server, firms are able to save themselves an incredible amount of time, energy, and money.
It’s no wonder that so many companies regret the fact that they purchased their own IT equipment, as it becomes more and more apparent what the benefits are of letting somebody else take care of all that.
Money saved on IT infrastructure and equipment is one of the biggest incentives for companies to switch to a cloud computing service, whether that be a public or private one. The money a company spends on its infrastructure will be one of its most significant expenses—for a new company, still trying to get itself off the ground, these expenses can ultimately be one of the biggest detriments to its chances of success.
Outsourcing this equipment to a cloud service is a big opportunity for a company to save money, as can be seen by the views of all the businesses that weighed in on the issues above.
Every dollar saved increases your business’s chance of success—and cloud computing can help you save a lot of dollars.
Contact Realware today and ask about our Cloud Hosting service and our full service small business IT solution.

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