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Top Seven Benefits to Managed Hosting - the Customer Perspective

We’ve talked a lot about the cloud, and public versus private cloud solutions, but wedged in between those two is managed cloud hosting. While public cloud hosting is open and driven by cost, and private cloud hosting is secure and dedicated, managed hosting meets them in the middle with both security and cost-effectiveness. Managed cloud hosting, like public cloud computing, can be purchased one server at a time. But, the main difference with the managed cloud is that security is a much higher priority than low cost. Simply put, managed hosting undertakes the upkeep and management of a dedicated server, its operating system, and a number of other critical applications for a company.
Managed hosting has plenty of advantages for IT professionals, but to help you digest the benefits, let’s take a look at them from the customer’s perspective. What do customers think are the main benefits of managed hosting? Here are the top seven:
1. Cost Effectiveness. Managed cloud hosting is billed as one flat fee per month, making it easy to budget for. Also, when the equipment needs repairs or maintenance, or breaks, you don’t incur additional charges! Not a bad deal huh?
2. Peace of Mind. No need to worry about the details of managing your platform because it is being done for you! Network availability and performance are guaranteed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA) so your network will be up and running when you and your clients need it.
3. Technical Support. You can reach out and get a “live” person when something comes up and you need support. You also have a team of skilled professionals monitoring for you and will let you know via calls, alerts, or emails if there’s an issue. In today’s age, knowing you will actually talk to a live person is a huge benefit.
4. Time, time, time. No need to spend time learning and managing new hardware. Plus, your IT staff won’t be focused on support and will be free to tackle other tasks. Just think how beneficial this could be to the overall productivity of your company and future growth.
5. Customization. Managed systems offer flexibility to customize the solution that best meets the needs of your company. No “one size fits all” mentality. Also, you can scale your solution as your business changes and grows.
6. Network Security. You can achieve the same highly secure environment as a private cloud infrastructure by utilizing dedicated, secure firewalls, VLANs, and IDS/IPS.
7. Back-Up and Disaster Recovery. This goes right along with the whole concept of “peace of mind” that your information is safe and backed-up. You will sleep a whole lot better at night knowing that your vital information is safe and secure.
So, as you can see, from a customer’s perspective, managed hosting provides a wide array of benefits that can help your company thrive.
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