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The Cloud for Non-Profits

Every company is looking to save money. But non-profit organizations, by their very nature, well, aren’t making a whole lot of profit. Which means that every dollar that can be saved on operational costs is a dollar that can instead be put towards doing what non-profits do best—helping others.   Financial perks of the cloud   Moving to a cloud-based system is one great way for non-profits to save money. The lower costs serve as one of the largest incentives for businesses to begin to use cloud computing, and for non-profits those costs are even more appealing.   If you’re...Read more...

Cloud Computing Continues to Grow in the Business World

This is not the first time we’ve said it, but with each passing day cloud computing manages to get its foot further and further into the door of the business world.   In the past nine months, there has been a 27 percent increase in users who are trying out cloud computing for the very first time, causing a sharp spike in the overall number of businesses using the cloud for all or some of their operating needs.   In terms of cloud use, private firms have the lead right now, with 68% percent of them using cloud computing services...Read more...

Cloud Computing Takes Flight

General Electric (GE) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have teamed up to bring cloud-computing technology into the air.   The 18-month project is designed to transition air traffic management technology to a cloud-based service. This shift will allow airlines and air traffic controllers to improve their services by sharing data—both real-time data and all varieties of data analysis.   While cloud computing has been spreading rapidly through the IT world, revolutionizing the ways in which all sorts of companies and organizations operate, it has not yet progressed very far into the world of aviation, where safety is,...Read more...

Going to Your Private Cloud

You’ve researched the differences between public cloud and private cloud computing solutions, and have conducted a thorough analysis of your needs, processes, current technologies, and of course, the very important return on investment (ROI). Weighing all options, your organization has opted to implement a private cloud strategy.   Private clouds are most commonly used to deliver virtualization automatically and in a more controlled environment, giving businesses an increase in efficiency, security, and valuable resources. Once you make the decision to go private, there are six critical key steps to private cloud success:   1. Create Your Virtual Environment. You cannot...Read more...

The Vote Is In—Cloud Computing is the Best Choice

Trying to decide whether switching to a cloud computing service is the best choice for your and your business? Perhaps the best place to look for advice and guidance is to companies who have faced—and are facing—the very same question.   A recent study shows that three out of every five decision-makers at IT companies and other businesses are of the same opinion—that owning and operating one’s own IT infrastructure drives up costs to an unnecessarily high level and wastes precious time and resources that could be better spent somewhere else.   Nearly 60% of the people questioned in the...Read more...

The Cloud is Revolutionizing Education

We talk a lot about what the cloud can do for your business (and it can do a lot). But it’s also so much more than just a profit-maximizing tool. Cloud computing represents a technological revolution in nearly every aspect of life, and it brings with it advantages that go far beyond the benefits—which are vast—that it can offer to your business.   One area in particular where the value of cloud computing can be seen is in the educational system.   Online learning   Thanks to new technology, in recent years students have found themselves in a new position,...Read more...

More and More Companies are Adopting the Cloud

It seems as if, with each passing moment, more and more business are turning to cloud computing to carry out any and all of their IT needs. And far from slowing down, research suggests that, in the years to come, this trend will only continue to pick up steam.   It is predicted that by the end of this year, more than $40 billion will have been spent on public cloud services in 2012. That number could reach as much as $100 billion in the year 2016.   In the next four years, public cloud services are expected to see...Read more...

How to Stay in Control When Switching to the Cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses, there are still those who hesitate to embrace this new technology. Their apprehension often comes in large part, from a fear of losing control.   It does seem like that would be a legitimate fear. After all, switching to cloud computing means that you are letting your data out from the confines of your familiar computing system and into the wide-open world of the Cloud.   Why trust your valuable, personal data to somebody else? And why go through the process of change when everything is working just fine?...Read more...

Cloud Computing in the Government

Despite its rising popularity, there are many people that are still nervous about the idea of cloud computing. They hesitate to switch their businesses over because they worry that the cloud might be a safety risk. They don’t want to release their data into the Internet and leave it vulnerable to danger.   And yet America’s own government—as well as other governments around the world—have entrusted their data and services to the cloud.   Government agencies, which have more need for security and reliability than just about any other business—have decided to trust the cloud. Maybe your business can too....Read more...

Cloud Computing Condensed

It seems like everyone is throwing around the term “cloud computing” these days—but what does it really mean? Where did it come from? Who uses it, and for what?   Here are a few simple facts about cloud computing:   Where did cloud computing come from?   While it seems to have become all the rage in the past few years, cloud computing is, in fact, not a particularly new idea. It first came about in the 1960s, in vague discussions of a future possibility of the organization of data in some sort of public way.   If you feel...Read more...

Cloud Computing Gives Small Business Access to the World

The cloud is going global.   One of the largest tech companies in China just announced that it’s investing huge amounts of money in the cloud. Not only is the company investing in the cloud, but they are betting part of their future on the opportunity cloud computing offers the company for growth, which is amazing because it’s already an incredibly successful and large corporation.   This is just one of the recent examples of how the cloud is having an impact on the global business world. Not only are companies in the US taking advantage of the cloud, but...Read more...

Tips for Backing Up Your Data with the Cloud

Using the Cloud to back up your data can be incredibly helpful. If your computer crashes, it no longer means you’ve lost everything. At worst, it means you’ve lost one particular tool with which to access your data.   A tool can be replaced. But replacing all of your company’s data and information, years and years of documents and files? That’s not quite so easy.   Of course there are other ways to back up data. But any physical backup device—an external hard drive, for instance—cannot, by its very nature, be flawless. It can be broken or damaged.   Backing...Read more...

The Cloud in Third World Countries

More and more businesses throughout the United States are moving in the direction of the Cloud, but it doesn’t stop there. The trend is travelling around the world as well, even reaching places that, not long ago, had access to hardly any technology at all.   For third world countries hoping to use technology as a catalyst for change, cloud computing might be the answer they’re looking for.   So far, technology has not been a large part of life in most of these countries—at the 2010 Digital Africa Summit it was revealed that less than 1% of Internet content...Read more...

You Already Use the Cloud for Personal Use (And You Don’t Realize It)

For many people the cloud is still a mystery.   In fact, there are many people that think the cloud is actually about clouds in the sky. That’s right, some 29% of people in the US think the cloud is actually a cloud.   Now, maybe you’re part of that group and it really doesn’t matter. That’s on the cloud providers for failing to effectively communicate what the cloud actually is and how it can help people.   The truth is that many people already use the cloud and they don’t realize it. What this means is that people are...Read more...

Cloud Computing Promotes Entrepreneurship

Many existing businesses have chosen to make the transition to the Cloud from their previous independent computer sever—they find that it makes their operations easier and more successful.   Some more recent businesses, however, might not even exist in the first place if it weren’t for the benefits of cloud computing.   The ease of the Cloud encourages an entrepreneurial spirit that would have a hard time existing otherwise. Now that they can operate on the Cloud, start-up companies don’t need to invest in technology in the same way they did just a few years ago. At the same time...Read more...

Big International Company Investing in The Cloud

It’s always big news when a large company discusses cloud computing.   This time international company Sony is in the news for their future outlook for the cloud. It’s unclear at this point what Sony has in mind, but with its history of success you can bet that something interesting will be released in the future.   What is also interesting about this news is that a company like Sony sees value and growth for cloud services. For a company like Sony to invest there must be something intriguing.   The cloud has been in the news quite a bit...Read more...

Cloud Helps You While Also Helping the Environment

When people talk about the Cloud saving energy, it turns out they don’t just mean your energy, or the energy of your company.   In a society growing more and more concerned with global warming, greenhouse gases, and energy inefficiency, Cloud computing might just be the environmental game changer everyone has been looking for.   A recent study showed that in a five-year period, a firm that transferred to a private internal Cloud could reduce its carbon emissions by 25,000 metric tons; the same firm transferring to a public Cloud could reduce carbon emissions by 30,000 metric tons.   That’s...Read more...

Cloud Usage Expected to Boom in the Coming Years

Cloud use is on the rise.   A growing number of companies at least testing a cloud solution and in the next few years spending on cloud-related solutions is expected to grow rapidly.   Here are some recent stats:   - Cloud services are expected to reach $207 billion by 2016, double the current spending (source) - 72% of all companies are at least piloting a cloud service (source) - 70% of all Australian business using cloud-computing services are looking to boost their cloud-based solutions budget significantly over the next 12 months (source)   As you can see companies are...Read more...

NASA Uses The Cloud for Mission to Mars

If you’re wondering about the capabilities of the cloud then look no further.   It turns out that NASA used the cloud for its mission to Mars.   That’s big time.   If NASA trusts the cloud to handle its biggest mission to date then maybe the cloud can work for your company too. NASA had some big requirements for the Curiosity mission to Mars and they were able to find that the cloud offered a few advantages.   To go along with the cost savings (NASA has been under pressure lately with funding) NASA found that cloud computing makes...Read more...

Are Companies Really Utilizing The Cloud?

As of last year 37% of companies were estimated to be using the cloud.   That’s a pretty high percentage considering how much (or little) people still know about the cloud.   The companies using the cloud listed a few areas where the cloud is suitable for their needs including email, accounting, marketing and other areas. These are just some of the ways the cloud can work for businesses and it seems like more companies are getting on board with cloud computing.   There are still a few objections for companies that aren’t yet using the cloud.   Objection 1...Read more...

Even The Army Is Using the Cloud

Lots of businesses are starting to use the cloud.   The cloud is even proving to be valuable for organizations outside of business.   In a recent release the US Army even shared their experience with the cloud. It turns out the Army is using the cloud for a variety of applications. The soldiers in the field are using the cloud to access information even in the heat of battle. These soldiers are accessing vital information as they work under extreme duress and it appears the cloud is making their lives more efficient while giving them the information and access...Read more...

How to Transition a Business to the Cloud

Businesses are looking at cloud services to solve a few things including:   - Hosting - Backup - Software   These areas are of growing interest for a variety of businesses. As the Internet becomes more important to regular business operations the need for secure cloud computing becomes more important too. Business leaders and IT leaders need secure cloud environments so business data is protected as the business uses the cloud to become more efficient and profitable.   As companies change over to the cloud for more purposes there is something that needs to be addressed. There are always details...Read more...

What Big Data Means for the Cloud

There are two big terms in the marketing world right now.   Big Data is the first. There is some confusion around what Big Data actually is but most people look at big data as being able to take vast amounts of data at scale and using it for business purposes.   In the online world of ecommerce, social media and other online technology it is Big Data that is getting much attention from business owners and marketers. These folks are looking for ways that Big Data can benefit their bottom lines.   The other big term in the industry...Read more...

How to Deal with Cloud Data Security Issues

With the recent focus on cloud security it’s a good time to focus on what you can do to protect your personal and business data. The cloud security issues at Amazon and Apple have led to more scrutiny from consumers in the cloud world. People are demanding more protection, which is understandable. The providers are doing what they can to ensure protection and there are ways consumers can help.   When it comes to protecting your information it’s obvious you should have focus on your own well being too. Here are some of the things to focus on as you...Read more...

What the Amazon Security Breach Means for Cloud Computing

Big cloud providers were in the news again recently. A prominent reporter had their information hacked as a result of Amazon and Apple security issues. The hackers were able to get personal information along with technology information to change passwords. The hackers then took it to the reporter by deleting files and making a mockery of the security of the cloud and technology in general.   This is not the first time there has been an issue with the cloud services of Amazon, Apple and Google. The companies have been dealing with outages and security breaches since they first started...Read more...

5 Tips for Employee Mobile Computing

It’s a mobile world out there.   How many people in your company are using mobile phones or mobile-connected devices?   Chances are that a good number of people in your company are accessing your network and the Internet on a smartphone or tablet. It’s a trend that appears to be getting more common as the months go by. Smartphones and mobile devices are allowing sales people to have access to the information they need no matter where they are. IT support staff can fix issues no matter where they are.   Mobile has been great for business and the...Read more...

What is a Virtual Machine and is it Right for My Business?

Do you remember just a couple months ago when we first discussed virtual computing?   In that post we went over what virtual machines are and a few of the myths surrounding them. There is room to expand on the topic. Recently there has been an uptick in the interest for virtual machines in corporate settings.   To recap, virtual computing takes the typical desktop computer away from the employee’s desk. Instead of a tower computer or similar setup the employee will bet setup with a thin client, which is a smaller computer-like tower or box that houses the connection...Read more...

The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Solutions

Company executives and IT professionals are getting serious about moving business data to the cloud. It can be a difficult decision especially when it comes to choosing a private cloud versus a public cloud solution. We know you want to make the right decision so we thought we’d give a brief overview of the two options so you can determine the best for your company.   The Common Public Cloud   Obviously every business wants a secure storage location for their data. Public clouds are the cheapest option available. Most businesses would benefit from moving to a publicly hosted cloud...Read more...

A Wide Variety of Industries are Using the Cloud

Have you been thinking about using the cloud for your business?   If there is anything holding you back you should know that a wide variety of companies are using the cloud.   Businesses in many industries are turning to the cloud as a way to improve their IT setup. The cloud can take away some of the responsibilities, costs, and headaches that go along with storing data internally and managing it too.   If you're just getting interested in the cloud it can help to look at some examples of companies and industries currently using cloud resources.   Entertainment...Read more...

Managing Multiple Devices with Cloud Computing

Do you have a smartphone?   It's a safe bet to say that most business owners and managers use their smartphones quite often.   The future is shaping up to be a mobile world. People are able to work from a variety of different locations. What's really intriguing is that we can work on the move, but the fact that we can do so many different things from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and even mini versions of laptops.   If you see yourself and your business taking on a more mobile life in the future then cloud computing is...Read more...

How to Secure File Sharing in the Cloud

One benefit of using the cloud for business is the ease of collaboration.   Storing your files in the cloud allows multiple people to access them no matter where each person is located. This advantage is great because you can create a document or a spreadsheet and share it easily with someone in the same office or someone on the other side of the world. There is no need to email documents as attachments or upload files to servers via FTP. All of the inconvenience is removed when you work in a cloud setting.   Collaboration is important in today's...Read more...

How to Avoid Issues with Cloud Outages

The big news over the last few weeks has been cloud outages.   Recent issues with the Amazon Web Services solution have brought questions to the cloud industry. As more companies move to the cloud for their hosting and data solutions others will continue to ask questions as they look to move their own companies to the cloud.   It’s good to ask questions and when issues happen it’s good to analyze your company’s strategy and learn from the issues of others. It’s good to learn from your own issues, but if you can learn from others it can be...Read more...

Addressing the Amazon Cloud Outage Issue

The recent news in the cloud-computing world was an outage with the Amazon Web Services solution. Numerous websites including some big names like Instagram and Pinterest reported downtimes as a result of the Amazon cloud outage.   We’ve discussed IT disasters before here on the Realware blog. There is little you can do when you’re fighting Mother Nature. Storms ripped through the East coast and brought down trees, buildings, and in the case of this story the cloud for many online companies.   The issue is that these businesses lost money for all the minutes and hours their services were...Read more...

How to Move Your Small Business to The Cloud

We’ve written about the cloud before here on Realware:   - The Beginner’s Guide to the Cloud - 5 Cost Saving Advantages of Cloud Computing - Small Businesses Using The Cloud - How to Choose the Right Cloud Provider - How Secure Is Your Cloud?   The one thing we haven’t covered is how to move your business to the cloud. Once you’ve made the decision to forego responsibility of hosting and storing your data (the burden is gone!) it’s time to figure out how to actually make the move.   Here are the steps.   1. Find the Right...Read more...

Dealing With Hacked and Compromised Passwords

Last month LinkedIn’s passwords were hacked. The news broke and had LinkedIn scrambling to see how extensive the damage was. Even more importantly the users of LinkedIn were scrambling to figure out if they should change their passwords to everything.   Things still have not settled completely over the security issue. LinkedIn is looking at a court battle with the hackers over the stolen data as the passwords continue to be sold and leaked across the world for use by other hackers and spammers.   For website owners, including small business website owners, it can be terrifying to consider the...Read more...

How Secure is Data in the Cloud?

Security seems to be the biggest issues business owners have with cloud storage.   Would you agree?   The loss of internal data is not something anybody wants to happen, but for small businesses a loss of data could mean ruin. It’s not a pretty vision to see your future gone in the blink of an eye because of a security lapse at your host or storage provider.   There are three important considerations to discuss with your team and trusted partners regarding cloud storage. These are the areas that will allow you to determine if cloud storage is right...Read more...

5 Cloud Computing Applications That Save Time and Money

You’ve probably heard all about the cloud.   Well, you’ve probably heard of the cloud, but do you really know what it is and what it means for your small business?   Chances are there are some of your colleagues that have mentioned that you should use the cloud for various business solutions. Traditionally, businesses have tried to do much of the IT heavy lifting in-house at their company even if IT really isn’t a core focus of what they offer.   Today, the cloud gives business of all sizes the opportunity to outsource IT to professionals that deal with...Read more...

The Beginner's Guide to The Cloud

The cloud.   You've probably seen the commercials. You've probably heard colleagues mention that they're using cloud services. If you're curious about the cloud and what it means for you and your business then we've hopefully put together a good primer on the topic.   Cloud services have much to offer businesses, but a few of the pros including ways that save you money and improve your efficiency. More businesses are using the cloud and the trend appears to be toward cloud computing. You're in the right place to improve your business and prepare for the future.   Cloud Storage...Read more...

How to Handle Employee Remote Network Access

Do your employees travel?   Even in small businesses there are reasons for employees to travel. As the business owner you might travel to trade shows and to visit current clients. There are support folks that travel. Sales people travel to work on new leads.   Whatever the reason for the travel, it’s crucial for business people today to have access to key information. It can be an issue for an employee that is on the road if they cannot have access to company information. This is where it can be a key advantage and benefit to use the cloud...Read more...

How to Upgrade Employee Computer Systems

Software and systems upgrades are real headaches for most companies.   It's ideal for your employees to have the best computer systems so they can perform their job to the best of their abilities. It's frustrating for the employees to suffer with insufficient systems and it's also frustrating for you because you'll have to deal with their frustration along with the lack of production.   As a result, it's important to understand how to upgrade employee computer systems so there is limited frustration and maximized production.   How to Upgrade Employee Computer Systems   For small businesses, upgrading computer systems...Read more...

5 Cost Saving Advantages of Cloud Computing

There is an increasing number of companies using cloud-based storage.   Various reports show that between 30% and 60% of companies are using cloud storage for primary or backup storage and in some cases companies are using the cloud for both services. Even more comapnies are considering moving some or all of their data and software to the cloud.   There are advantages for some companies for using the cloud. The storage capabilities allow a company a place to store data in a secure location while avoiding the cost of overhead and hardware. Those costs are typically built into the...Read more...

Small Businesses Using The Cloud

As of 2011, 37% of companies were using the cloud.   The number appears to be growing. Businesses of all sizes are switching to cloud services to save on costs and to save on time and effort. Cloud computing has come a long way in just a few years.   Security is improving. Storage capacity is improving. It’s becoming easier for businesses to make the switch because it makes the most economic sense.   Is your company considering cloud hosting and other cloud services?   If you are you’re not alone. There are a number of small businesses using the...Read more...

How to Choose? The Guide to Selecting the Right Cloud Storage Provider

Businesses large and small are eager to utilize some form of cloud computing for data storage.   As if making the decision to move to the cloud isn’t complicated enough, after weighing benefits and risks, now you have to wade through the never-ending sea of providers and options. There is often confusion when it comes to data ownership, privacy, location, and oversight. Do you still own your data? How secure is the provider?   First things first, what type of provider do you need? There are three main types: SaaS or Software as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a...Read more...

How Secure Is Your Cloud?

The cloud computing hype is not dying down.   In fact, it has probably seduced you into joining the masses to start implementing your own cloud computing strategy. There are so many promoted benefits of “the cloud” that it seems like the most logical thing to do. Like most things in today’s economy, if it is cheaper and faster, it’s a winner. IT professionals can now get tasks done in hours rather than days or weeks. Focus can then be put on technical advances, rather than job tickets and infrastructure issues. While it seems wonderful in theory, this increased efficiency...Read more...

Cloud Computing Blogs You Should Be Following- Besides Ours Of Course!

Perhaps you’ve jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon.   Smart decision!   After all, cloud computing is on the rise and for good reason. Interestingly enough though, most people don’t even realize that they are using it through programs such as email or accounting software, among many others. If you haven’t yet delved into it, you may be asking at this moment, “What is cloud computing?” Cloud computing allows users to access data or applications through a web browser, light weight desktop, or mobile app while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location.  ...Read more...

Interested in a Cloud Computing Career? Why that is a Wise Move

Are you interested in a cloud computing career, but not sure it is the right move?   Check out some of the biggest employment sites and see how many cloud computing jobs are currently available. Today, Indeed.com has 9,555 and Simply Hired has 15,366 available cloud positions from Developer to Manager to VP of Finance. Large and small corporations alike are looking for information technology workers with cloud experience because there is a real shortage of available talent to fill all of these available jobs. If you are a college student in search of a major in an area where...Read more...

Cloud Computing's Effect on A Small Business

According to a survey by CIO.com, 48 percent of IT leaders are putting more money toward “the cloud” and 58 percent feel that cloud storage will create a profound shift in information technology.   Why?   Small Business Cloud Computing Insight   Well, if you store your data in a cloud, you don’t have to worry about purchasing back-up data storage, or backing up your information yourself. Cloud storage is inexpensive and pretty easy-to-use and you can add or subtract capacity as needed. Cloud computing is definitely all the buzz lately, especially with small businesses. What can it mean for...Read more...

Why You Need Helpdesk Software for Your Business

“Got a problem? Contact our help desk and we’ll resolve it.”   Or, at least you hope to hear those words to rectify an IT problem within your company. So, what exactly is a help desk you ask? According to Wikipedia, a typical help desk has several functions. It provides users a single point of contact to receive help on various issues. The help desk typically manages its requests via help desk software, such as an issue tracking system, which allows them to track customer requests with a unique number. This software is invaluable to your business and can increase...Read more...



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