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Top Seven Benefits to Managed Hosting - the Customer Perspective

We’ve talked a lot about the cloud, and public versus private cloud solutions, but wedged in between those two is managed cloud hosting. While public cloud hosting is open and driven by cost, and private cloud hosting is secure and dedicated, managed hosting meets them in the middle with both security and cost-effectiveness. Managed cloud hosting, like public cloud computing, can be purchased one server at a time. But, the main difference with the managed cloud is that security is a much higher priority than low cost. Simply put, managed hosting undertakes the upkeep and management of a dedicated server,...Read more...

The Cost of Not Updating Your Company Software

We continue our discussion on the cost of IT.   Previous posts:   The Cost of Data Loss The Cost of Computer Downtime   Rather we’re continuing our discussion of IT inaction. So often for small businesses it is difficult to plan for IT issues. Business owners realize that everything relating to computers is important to the success of the company, but it’s difficult to know how to properly setup the business for IT success.   Issues happen with IT. It’s a running joke in the IT industry that if all is quiet with the computers in the office there...Read more...

No More IT Questions with Outsourced Helpdesk

Do you have computer issues at your company?   Every business deals with computer issues. There are hardware issues, software issues, and Internet issues. It’s crazy for a business, especially a small business, to deal with these issues in-house.   The more people you have working on computers and networks and the Web the more issues you will have. It is costly to maintain a full support staff, but you employees need to have as much uptime as possible so they can work and grow your business.   So what’s the solution?   Outsourcing Business Helpdesk   The solution many...Read more...

The Benefits of Remote Helpdesk

Have you ever had an issue with your work computer?   It’s a no-brainer answer. Everybody has issues with their computers at the office. The hardware becomes slow. The software doesn’t work. You get the spinning wheel of death as the computer thinks and thinks with nothing happening.   Computer issues lead to frustration, but more importantly they lead to a loss of productivity. With the ability to work you lose profit and that can leave your business lacking when it comes to today’s competitive small business world.   For most small businesses having an in-house helpdesk is not a...Read more...

How to Secure Guest Wi-Fi at the Office

Do vendors and partners visit your office for meetings?   A common need in most office settings today is guest Wi-Fi access. It’s something most business visitors expect when they arrive for a meeting. Much of the meeting material might even be stored in a cloud storage location so it is easily accessed from anywhere in the world.   Does your company have Wi-Fi access for visitors?   Setting up Wi-Fi for your own internal purposes is something new to some businesses. It means setting up a secure wireless network, which can have its own costs and security issues. But...Read more...

Top 10 Desktop Virtualization Myths

Desktop virtualization is defined by Wikipedia as a concept separating a personal desktop computer environment from from a physical machine using the client-server model of computing. This technology stores the resulting "virtualized" desktop on a remote central server, instead of on the local storage of a remote client; thus, when users work from their local machine, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data used are kept on the server and run centrally. This allows users to run an operating system and execute applications from a smartphone, thin client, netbook, etc. which exceed the user hardware's ability to run.  ...Read more...

E-Commerce Hosting: A Brief Guide for Beginners

So, you have decided to form an e-commerce business.   You’ve done the research, selected a good domain name, built a website, started the marketing initiatives, and are all ready to go. Congratulations, you are all set! Not so fast… the fundamental requirement for an e-commerce business is a good and reliable hosting solution. Don’t be careless about the web hosting company that you select. Do your research and do it well!   The major difference between regular web hosting and e-commerce hosting is that e-commerce comes with software such as a shopping cart, a catalog builder, a store designer,...Read more...

Using The Cloud To Stop Spam

Every network administrator knows what a hassle spam can create for your network, your server, and your company. Employees complain, your network is strained, but you are responsible for keeping mail flowing.  Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable solutions these days. One of the best ways to solve the problem is to "block spam in the cloud." By utilizing a cloud based anti-spam solution, you can keep spam and virus laden emails completely away from your local email server (whether it's in-house or in a data center).  This not only solves the spam problem for your users, it keeps it far away from your network, saving bandwidth...Read more...



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