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Top Seven Benefits to Managed Hosting - the Customer Perspective

We’ve talked a lot about the cloud, and public versus private cloud solutions, but wedged in between those two is managed cloud hosting. While public cloud hosting is open and driven by cost, and private cloud hosting is secure and dedicated, managed hosting meets them in the middle with both security and cost-effectiveness. Managed cloud hosting, like public cloud computing, can be purchased one server at a time. But, the main difference with the managed cloud is that security is a much higher priority than low cost. Simply put, managed hosting undertakes the upkeep and management of a dedicated server,...Read more...

Two Critical IT Steps for Small Businesses

“A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things in a vision, a dream of the whole thing,” so said American steel magnate Charles M. Schwab. Schwab’s sage advice is especially true for the modern entrepreneur. While planning for and developing a profitable, growing business is a complex, ongoing process, adequate planning, attention to details, and realistic expectations are critical to your success. One of the most important areas that today’s businesses need to focus attention on is their Information Technology needs.   Most small businesses don't have the luxury of assigning a single...Read more...

Cloud Computing Continues to Grow in the Business World

This is not the first time we’ve said it, but with each passing day cloud computing manages to get its foot further and further into the door of the business world.   In the past nine months, there has been a 27 percent increase in users who are trying out cloud computing for the very first time, causing a sharp spike in the overall number of businesses using the cloud for all or some of their operating needs.   In terms of cloud use, private firms have the lead right now, with 68% percent of them using cloud computing services...Read more...

More and More Companies are Adopting the Cloud

It seems as if, with each passing moment, more and more business are turning to cloud computing to carry out any and all of their IT needs. And far from slowing down, research suggests that, in the years to come, this trend will only continue to pick up steam.   It is predicted that by the end of this year, more than $40 billion will have been spent on public cloud services in 2012. That number could reach as much as $100 billion in the year 2016.   In the next four years, public cloud services are expected to see...Read more...

How to Stay in Control When Switching to the Cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses, there are still those who hesitate to embrace this new technology. Their apprehension often comes in large part, from a fear of losing control.   It does seem like that would be a legitimate fear. After all, switching to cloud computing means that you are letting your data out from the confines of your familiar computing system and into the wide-open world of the Cloud.   Why trust your valuable, personal data to somebody else? And why go through the process of change when everything is working just fine?...Read more...

Top 5 IT Mistake Small Companies Make

Long, long ago, small businesses did not have to worry about being computer experts or technically savvy – it was just about business. Not exactly the same scenario in 2012, as organizations realize that in order to compete, they must be smart about technology and take precautions in avoiding common IT security and data protection problems.   That being said, while most companies recognize the necessitude of securing important business data, many companies today continue to making costly missteps.   Let’s explore five all-too-common technical blunders, so you can avoid them and save yourself a lot of time and money....Read more...

7 IT Related Items Often Overlooked by Small Business Owners

As small businesses grow their needs change. Demand on the owner and manager increases in all areas including IT. This change comes at a time when things are growing fast and often the IT matters are overlooked. The issue is that IT issues can bring down the business and stop things instantly. It’s necessary to understand the most overlooked tech-related issues so your small business can prepare and have a plan in place to keep you operating.   1. Computer Life Cycle   As the business grows it’s important to stay in contact with each of the employees. Money can...Read more...

Addressing The Top IT Concerns of Small Business Owners

Do you have IT issues?   If you're like most small business owners you're shaking your head in agreement. Every company of every size has issues with IT. Computers cause more frustrations at companies than most other areas of business. There is just something about computers that cause people to boil. The machines are supposed to work all the time and when they don't we feel like it's the end of the world because it really can be if we depend on our computer to do our jobs.   Today the goal is to address a few of the top...Read more...

Securing Your Small Business Network

You probably read about computer network security breaches every day. There is always some hacker out there looking to access passwords, usernames, and other vital business information they can use in some way to make money or to extract revenge on someone.   Security issues happen to large businesses. Those are the stories that make the mainstream news every evening, but security is also a big concern for small businesses.   How to Secure Small Business Computer Networks   Information security is important for businesses of any size. Large companies usually have protocol in place to handle break downs in...Read more...

Why Local Businesses Need a Text Marketing Program

Local businesses have the most to gain from text marketing.   Texting appears to be on the rise in popularity especially among the teen demographic. But even adults are texting more. The number of texts is growing each year among all age groups.   Now, businesses are trying to figure out how texting can be used as a marketing channel. Some companies are already asking their customers for permission to send them texts or push notifications.   Some companies are experimenting with text marketing programs, but most strategies are still in the experimenting phase.   It seems, though, that local...Read more...



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