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About Us
Data Center

Realware Data Centers

Primary Facility - Savvis

Our primary footprint is located within Savvis's Jersey City facility. We are fed by multiple bandwidth providers, and share the floor with many of Wall Street's largest names.

Key items:

  Chosen as a leader by Gartner.
  Sample clients
    •  Universal Music Group
    •  Starz Entertainment
    •  Discovery
  SAS 70 and ITIL certified

Backup Facility -Windstream

Our secondary footprint is located within Windstream's SAS 70 Boston facility. Realware offers replication, high-availability and geographic load balancing to this location.

In addition, we have architected an Enterprise Class cloud platform at both locations with the following features:

Network Architecture
  No single point of failure
  All hosts are connected to a minimum of two (2) redundant switching fabrics
  All hosts are connected to a minimum of two (2) Dell Equalogic SAN
  Edge infrastructure is fully redundant (N+2) configuration
  Fully redundant bandwidth from our upstream service providers

Storage Architecture
  Enterprise grade Equalogic SAN infrastructure
  All Enterprise client work loads are replicated to a secondary infrastructure for redundancy
  All data is backed up to a tertiary infrastructure
  Optionally available to replicate to a third party location you select.

Security Architecture
  Enterprise grade Fortinet Appliances
    •  FortiGate Unified Threat Management Devices
    •  FortiManager management infrastructure
    •  FortiAnalyzer centralized logging and reporting infrastructure
  High Availability configuration
  100% packet inspection
  Virtual domain configuration allows for client based policy creation, reporting and enforcement
  Data leak protection prevents sensitive data from leaving the network. We scan at the protocol level for:
    •  HTTP
    •  SMTP
    •  POP
    •  IMAP
  Ability to extend security envelope to client and customer premises for unified security and threat management and reporting
  Web application level security
    •  Active monitoring of web traffic for standard and evolving threats
    •  Full reporting and alerting
    •  SQL Injection
    •  Session Hijacking

Compliance Delivery
  Only partner able to deliver a complete compliance picture at the virtualized work load level.
  Full Trust Zone enforcement intra and inter virtual node.
  Complete tracking and reporting of all relevant security events
  Complete 360o view of the environment (desktop->data center->customer)
    •  Ability to unify internal desktops through to client desktops
    •  100% packet inspected environment
  Leverage our internal policies to reduce costs and increase compliance
  Detailed SQL database logging and alerting
    •  Custom configuration based on client compliance requirements
    •  Alerting when policies are violated
    •  Joint remediation
    •  Complete reporting
    •  Audit support

Disaster Recovery
Both of our facilities are provisioned to stand on their own. There are no inter-location dependencies. Our secondary facility provides the same security, network and compliance architecture.

Several models are available based your requirements. Replication to a secondary location is our first and most popular option. All virtual work loads are replicated to our secondary location in Boston. In the event of a catastrophic failure in New Jersey, a simple update to domain name records brings your workloads up in our secondary facility. Total impact to end-users is minutes vs. days or hours.

Additionally, we are able to replicate to a third-party location of your choice. Many of our clients select their own office, and possibly, a third party data center. The tertiary location is used to store virtual machines in a cold state. In the event of a catastrophic event affecting both of our locations, these cold virtual machines can be brought up in a matter of hours.

In addition, we are able to provide disaster recovery for local or office based resources. Our remote backup environment can be configured to backup all critical office systems. During discovery, we will document and create mirror virtual machines as targets for the office data if a disaster recovery operation is required.

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