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Real: 360 Overview

A Revolutionary Approach To IT Management

Realware's unique Real:360 managed services plans provide partial or full IT support for organizations that have a lean IT Department or none at all. By signing up for a Real:360 plan, you gain peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and being monitored around the clock. It also makes it easier for you to manage and budget your monthly IT requirements.

The services can be purchased individually or as a bundled package, which can include: Remote Monitoring, Offsite Backup, Help Desk Support, Vendor Management and Onsite support. Real:360 saves you time and money while securing and protecting your network. We deliver results through our unique combination of On-site, Remote Help Desk and Cloud-based services.


Realware keeps your IT network reliable and operating at peak performance.


We save you money by keeping your infrastructure up and your company productive.


We give you peace of mind knowing that your IT assets are all secure and protected.

Real:360 gives organizations the option to offload all or part of their IT Support to Realware so they can concentrate more on running their business and less on their systems.

Realware uses technology that makes managing your systems unobtrusive and virtually transparent, requiring very little involvement from end users. If a user's input is needed it is usually to download a simple program that self-installs. All settings are pre-configured and do not require any changes by the user.

Real:360 Help Desk Support
When it comes to remote Help Desk Support, Real:360 is the option to use. Whether your needs require workstation, server, web, phone system, application, or backup support, or any combination thereof, Realware's expert and friendly technicians are there for you. We can provide you with Remote Assistance and resolve issues immediately without having to send a technician to your office. We can also save you time, money and headaches through our Vendor Management services.

The Realware Real:360 Agent
When you see the Realware icon in your taskbar, you can rest assured that Realware is actively monitoring your system. Whether your system needs the latest Windows or Office update, or is causing alerts or errors you may not even see, Realware will see it and respond to make sure your systems are safe, up-to-date, and reliable. If you ever need to submit a support ticket, just right-click the icon and select "Contact Support", it will take you directly to our ticket system.

You can also send an email to support@real-ware.com stating a description of the issue and your contact information, or call 908-782-4748 or 877-842-7124.

Our Support is proactive. If a problem occurs, most end users will not even know it has been received by our support staff, examined, and repaired. Rarely will a user see the point where they receive an error message. Our support system will receive the email, generate a support ticket, notify the user it was created, and place it in the support queue, all with a simple email. It can't be any easier!

Real:360 Backup
When you see the Realware backup icon in your taskbar, you know your documents and files are safely and securely backed up to our storage Cloud. Now you are protected in the event your system crashes, becomes lost or stolen, or has been retired and you need your files on your new system. There is very little for the user to do except define when the backup should happen, and which files to backup. This is handled by a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Real:360 Managed Services is there 24x7 to support your infrastructure so you can concentrate on what is important, your business. Please call us at 908-782-4748, ext. 1 for pricing and a custom quote for your business. We offer predictable pay-as-you-go pricing and no annual commitments are required.

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